Last week I mentioned how disappointed Travis (helicopter pilot-in-training boyfriend) and I were that his family day had been rescheduled at the last minute making it impossible for me (and his family coming in from out of town) to attend. Family day was supposed to be a time for us to see the pilots flying around showing off and maybe getting into the control tower to talk to them over the radio. Well – Travis blew Family Day out of the water and decided to rent a helicopter to fly us around in!Flight4Travis and a licensed pilot were in the front seat, and his niece and I were in the back. It was her 13th birthday this weekend and her parents didn’t tell her she was actually going to get to fly when they came down here so she was beyond excited! I really wasn’t sure how I’d react once we got up in the air. I kind of freak out when an airplane I’m in hits turbulence and that’s what it felt the entire time we were flying. Imagine being in a teeny tiny helicopter with windows surrounding you so you almost feel like you are floating in the air. Throw in a couple of sudden turns, wind gusts, and ducking birds in the sky, and I started wondering what the clean up fee would be if I vomited everywhere.Flight3

Even though I was a little shaky it was incredible having my boyfriend actually flying me around! The licensed pilot took the controls once or twice but Travis did the take-off/landing and virtually all of the flying. Since he’s in flight school I help him study by quizzing him and it was surreal to actually hear them going over the same procedures I’ve quizzed him on!
Flight2The pilot made sure to point out the best pool I’ve ever seen in my entire life …FlightWhile I don’t know if I’d jump at the opportunity to ride in a helicopter again I had an amazing time and am grateful for the experience!
Flight1Have you ever flown in a helicopter? Would you?

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Growing up Mom started making breakfast for dinners once a week when we we’re financially strapped (Dad was in graduate school and Mom was staying home with my brother and I.) I think she called them ‘wacky Wednesdays’ and they eventually turned into ‘wacky whatever-day-of-the-week’. As kids we LOVED it. Pancakes for breakfast? Sign me up!

Now, I still love breakfast for dinner but it’s more grown-up dishes like omelettes or a warm bowl of oatmeal. I can’t say a couple bowls of cereal haven’t happened at the end of a long day though.

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Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 8 miles (11:15 pace)

Sunday: 14 miles (10:28)

Monday: 6 miles (11:07) + PiYo Buns

Tuesday: Speedwork. 6 miles total (3×1600 at 9:00 pace)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 10 mile tempo run (7 at 10:00 pace)

Friday: 6 miles (11:00)

Total Miles: 44

I totally failed keeping up with PiYo this week. It happens! I don’t usually workout after my weekend runs, and I’m still adjusting to teaching 5 classes again (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.) I’m happy I at least got one session in on Monday and it ROCKED. I’m still mixed on how I feel about PiYo overall but that workout was awesome. I promise I’ll be doing a full review of it soon!

After last weekends heat advisory the weather was slightly more tolerable this weekend. Slightly. I’m still struggling with some of the runs and it has me second guessing myself and my goal marathon time. I need to tell the voices in my head to stfu because whether I think I can or I can’t – I’m right.

2014-08-26 06.09.40-1Did you know geese like to attack people? Whenever I run by this park I’m always like “Awww geese are so cute!” and then they start yelling at me and I get sad. 2014-08-26 06.04.47Anyone else get WAY excited when they see a cat out while running? Around mile 9 of my 10 miler yesterday I saw three cute kittens (maybe 6 months old) and I freaked out and started doing jazz hands while running and saying “omg kittens!” They also ran away from me.

As with the PiYo I promise to do a review of Shakeology soon. Overall I love it and it’s definitely helped me with cravings and energy. I’m not convinced the same effect can’t be had with different shakes that may not be quite as $$.

2014-08-27 12.07.28-1Random selfie pre-10 miler yesterday. I should have taken one after so you could see what a horrific hot mess I was.

2014-08-28 06.03.06-3Thursday afternoon I left Pensacola to spend the long weekend in Alabama. Salem was so excited! He’s getting used to traveling and is really good about the trip now. He loves being at Travis’s place (more windows to see birds and comfy carpet floors.)  2014-08-28 08.22.47I was supposed to go to Family Day on Base Friday but on Tuesday they decided to switch it to Thursday. Travis and I had been looking forward to it for weeks and we were both SO disappointed. I was going to be able to watch him fly and meet some of his classmates and his instructor. As a teacher I can’t just take off whenever I want so Travis decided to do something special on Friday to make up for it. He has family coming into town as well so he planned this amazing surprise for us (not really a surprise since he wanted to make sure we were all game first.) I’m sure I’ll be posting photos of it Friday afternoon on my facebook, twitter & instagram so if your curious follow me there! Otherwise I’ll talk all about if on Monday.

I hope you all have a SAFE and wonderful Labor Day weekend!
When was the last time you were surprised?