Workout Wrap Up

Saturday: 5k race (27 minutes) + 4.9 miles after

Sunday: 8 miles (11:40)

Monday: 6 miles (11:20)

Tuesday: Ladder speed work. 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800 & 400 with 400 recovery between each at 9-9:20 pace. Lots of walking. Very hot.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 8 miles 5 at tempo pace (10:15 avg).

Friday: 7 miles (11:00) + PiYo

We have a heat advisory here in Pensacola this week and my runs reflect that. My speed work Tuesday was a hot mess and I had to stop and walk after almost every interval. My tempo run Thursday was supposed to be 10 miles (7 at tempo pace) and I couldn’t do more than 8 if my life depended on it. At 6 a.m. the heat index was already 91. I have no idea how I’m going to survive my long runs this weekend! I stopped to let my heart rate go down and body cool off a few times, and went though two water bottles of water. I’m going to probably tie a handkerchief full of ice around my neck when I start my runs this weekend, and maybe loop back to the car to refill it with ice halfway through.
2014-08-21 07.51.56-2 On top of the crummy weather I’ve been feeling a bit sick. Travis started feeling poorly after the 5k last weekend, and I brought a sore throat home with me from Alabama. Nurse Salem helped me feel much better. 2014-08-20 18.46.56Classes started this week! The other school I will be teaching at doesn’t start until next week and I’m already wondering how I’m going to find the time to get everything done. I have classes from 11-2 on Tuesday & Thursday so I was starving when I left class Tuesday (must eat something quick between classes!) I ended up buying this box of Kix and ripping into it on the way home. It lasted two days in the house. Cereal is never safe around me.

2014-08-19 13.58.49Tuesday night I ran some errands with a friend. We went into Michaels to grab some stuff for a project she’s working on and the Halloween stuff is already out. I LOVE the season {see my Halloween decor explosion post for proof.} I saw this new piece for the Spooky Town I collect and was so so tempted to buy it, but I’m having to be super strict with spending again. 2014-08-19 18.59.29They have the cutest pet costumes there and she picked up this inmate one for her puppy. I wonder what Salem should dress up as this year?
2014-08-19 19.36.48

One of the best parts of the Fall season is the incredible Bath & Body works candles. Mom and I are legitimately obsessed with Pumpkin Cupcake. I happened to check and see if they were on sale online Sunday night and they had a killer deal going on that expired at midnight so I had to stock up! They were buy one get one, $10 off a $30 purchase, and free shipping. So, 4 candles were only $36 (usually $22 a piece!) One broke during shipping but I can take it into the store to exchange.
2014-08-21 14.33.59Of course the day after I splurge on some luxury item like candles my week started off with a trip to PepBoys. On Monday the AC in my car started going out whenever I was at a red light, and the engine started struggling like it was going to stall out. I took it in at 2, made their waiting area my office for the afternoon, and at 4 they were finished and said the fuel system needed to be cleaned out. So, I paid the $225 and started to drive home.

2014-08-18 13.58.35

Before I even left their parking lot I could tell the problem wasn’t fixed. I brought it back in and they said there was a ‘totally different issue’ with the radiator fan not working. So, another hour and $300 later I finally left again with working AC. Not how I wanted to start off my week! After having 2 weeks off between the Summer and Fall term this was a total budget buster. I did find out I’ll be paid one office hour a week at one of the schools I work out so over the course of the semester it ends up being about $350. I always joke that my life breaks even no matter what happens. As long as I don’t spend too much time in the negatives I’m okay with that!

I had a pretty stressful day Monday between the car drama and not feeling well. On Wednesday I was feeling back to normal and had the day off (since my MW classes start next week) and spent a few hours organizing my house and ended up taking a few bags of garbage out and a few bags of clothing & decor to goodwill. When I’m stressed it always makes me feel so much better to organize and purge!
2014-08-20 10.52.17Car problems, sore throats and heat advisories aside I still had a great week. My students seem like a great group this semester, my cat and I are happy & healthy, and my house currently smells like pumpkin cupcake. I mean really – how much better could it get?

What is your favorite Bath & Body works candle?
What are you doing this weekend? 

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Even though I feel like I’m ready to move on from Pensacola I’ve learned to really love this area. When I first moved here in 2007 I hated it. I was living in the worst part of town and had a 45 minute commute to my classes each day as I was finishing up my Bachelors. Now, 7 years later, I’ve started to appreciate how health-conscious it is and how easy it is to meet my health goals living here.

WalgreensRunning has a strange way of making the town you live in feel really, really small. For weeks after I ran the Pensacola marathon anytime I drove part of the course I’d think to myself, “I ran this!” Suddenly a trip across town and back tallied less miles than a race I had finished. One of the best things about the city is how run friendly it is. I trained for my first marathon with our local running store, made amazing friends through the experience, and have miles of nearby neighborhoods I can run through with limited traffic and extremely low crime rates.

With all the miles I put in I have to be extremely vigilant about proper fueling, recovery & resting. The first marathon I trained for was a hot mess on my body. I went from 20ish to nearly 50 miles a week and I had a host of health problems while my body tried to acclimate. Now, I’m doing far better partly because my body is used to higher mileage, and also because I know how to take better care of myself. While in Alabama last week our ‘big event’ for the day was going into a teeny tiny town near by to pick up a few things and I stopped in Walgreens to grab a few health essentials.

2014-08-10 12.12.00

One thing I still struggle with doing enough is de-stressing mentally and physically. I get wound tight. I get anxious. I worry too much. So, when I saw these bath salts I knew they’d be perfect. Soaking in them would help reduce my muscle fatigue and it’s pretty hard to be stressed when your in a bubble bath (and I did grab some old school Mr. Bubble to make that happen!)

I also picked up some of my favorite snacks, my go-to post run drink & the iron supplements my doctor advised I take. I’ve been a balance rewards member at Walgreens for a while but I didn’t know about their healthy choices program. I downloaded the app and synced my RunKeeper to it so it automatically uploads my runs and gives me points for them. 2014-08-18 18.22.03You get 20 points for each mile (max of 1,000 points per month), each day you weight or record blood pressure you get 20 points (each) and at 5,000 points you get $5. Free money. Seriously.

2014-08-18 18.21.56If I get the max miles points, and weigh in/record BP daily, I’d get $5 every 9 weeks (almost $30 a year.) For running. So awesome.

Have you heard of Walgreens healthy choices program before? 
Is staying fit in your city easy to do? 




I love to share photos of Travis and I on my facebook (and virtually all other social media accounts.)

Last week I ragged on Travis for not ever talking about us online. I know we are both grown ass adults, but I saw a friend of mine refer to his ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely’ wife a few times when he shared photos of them together and it made me both Awwww and Hmmmm (why doesn’t Travis do that?)

I already knew the answer before I brought it up. He doesn’t update his account very often so when he does it’s usually when something awesome just happened (like his first day of flying last month or winning 1st place in his age group at the 5k!) so pictures of us just sitting in bed watching movies on a Sunday don’t usually make the cut.
2014-07-27 13.52.12-2Does this mean anything about the state of our relationship? Am I reading into things?

Yes and Yes.

Research has found that couples in a ‘facebook official’ relationship are more satisfied than those who chose not to broadcast their relationship. Satisfied couples are also more likely to use a photo of themselves as their profile picture, and to post couple photos and affectionate comments on their own and their partners timelines. Those least satisfied in their relationships are more likely to keep their relationships private.

Wah wah.

2014-07-06 10.29.20-1I sent the article to Travis ans his response was “what are you trying to tell me?” I know it’s silly, but I do think it’s super sweet when he says anything about us online. It shows me that he’s proud of us, and that he’s as excited as I am to show off what we have. Not all personalities are the same though and I don’t think his lack of cutsey couple photos means he’s not as into me as I am. He’s just not that kind of guy.

But, he’s still my kind of guy.
2014-07-20 14.37.37-2

Do you agree with the research findings?
Are you more public, or private, about your relationship on facebook?