With an 80% chance of rain on the agenda for both Saturday and Sunday I knew we would be spending the majority of the weekend inside. I asked Travis to bring down his PS3 so I could relive my college days of playing Elder Scrolls for 10 hours a day. I have such an obsessive personality that once I start playing a game I pretty much can’t function in any other part of my life until I finish it. Hence why I don’t have any gaming systems in my house.

I woke up Saturday morning and decided to skip my run to play PS3 in bed. I made up for it later with one of my favorite strength workouts. I’ve been woefully neglecting my strength training so I was ridiculously sore Sunday. It felt good!2Saturday afternoon my latest Amazon shipment came and I received two Halloween DVD’s I’ve been anxiously awaiting. I’m not going to subject Travis to watching Halloweentown so that’s going to be my Sunday night treat. 
4That night I pulled out one of Mom’s old recipes for classic Macaroni and Cheese. Growing up this was always one of my favorite meals, and it’s the one I usually request she make if I head over to their house for dinner. It’s so basic, but there’s just something so comforting about it! Travis and I both liked it which is rare, and I’m excited to have a new recipe to add to our rotation.1Sunday morning I had my alarm set for 5:30 with every intention of going for an 8-10 mile run.
Andddd that didn’t happen. It was dreary out (and did start raining around 7 a.m.) so I slept in and had some extra time to get ready for our photo shoot! I’m so grateful to the amazingly talented Noel Nichols for doing this for us. I’m already so anxious to see the final photos! It was fun having Travis explain to me what all the different things on this uniform meant. It was the first time I saw him in his dress uniform and I am definitely a fan. 3The first half of the photos we took at the Naval Aviation Museum. It seemed like such a perfect location for us and it was so much fun to take photos in their recreated 1940’s town.
6After the museum we headed over to the lighthouse to take some photos outside. We had to do a quick change in the car to outfit #2 and Travis practiced his ‘blue steel’ look.5Taking photos for 2 hours and trying not to look like total idiots is exhausting. As soon as we were done we headed over to Tijuana Flats. Travis hadn’t been but he was a quick convert after having a taste of the worlds best queso.
7The rest of the rainy day was spent inside playing video games, watching tv, and pretending that Monday morning wasn’t quickly approaching.

How was your weekend?

What was your favorite childhood meal? When’s the last time you had it?

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Despite losing over 50 pounds and transforming myself from a binge-drinking, chain-smoking, fast food addict to a marathon running health freak there’s still one habit that I just can’t (and don’t want to!) break: snacking. I can eat the biggest, healthiest, most well-rounded meals and still I get the nibbles in the afternoon and again after dinner. So, I realized a few years ago that I should just factor 2 snacks a day into my overall calorie count for the day and try to make the healthiest snacking choices possible.

As a kid my snack of choice was always popcorn. I inherited my love of the buttery snack from my Dad. I believe starting in middle school I ended almost every day with a big bag of microwave popcorn. When I snack I always go for a major crunch factor. Smooth and sweet just doesn’t cut it for me! After I started loosing weight I switched to air-popped popcorn which is delicious, but can get borrrring. So, when I heard SkinnyGirl was coming out with new 160 calories bags I had to swing by Walmart and grab some to try out.

2014-09-13 10.45.55

I’ve had other mini bags of popcorn before and if you go with the ones that are low calorie they usually taste like it. I was very pleasantly surprised that the SkinnyGirl flavors (butter & sea salt and lime & salt) don’t taste like they are low calorie at all! They are rich and so, so good. I may have made two bags a day a few times already. Other reasons why this popcorn rocks:

  • Every Skinnygirl product offers at least a 20% calorie savings vs. it’s competitors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial sweeteners (e.g. aspartame, sucralose)
  • No high fructose corn syrup


Along with popcorn I have a few other go-to snacks that I eat at least one of daily. They are all under 200 calories and some pack quite the nutritional punch (hello eggs + hummus!)

Healthy Snacks

  • 1 bag #SkinnyGirlSnacks Popcorn
  • 1 apple sliced with cinnamon (an a bit of sugar if I’m really craving something sweet!)
  • 1 100 calorie tortilla cut into strips, sprayed with PAM and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, baked on parchment paper for 8-10 min at 350 degrees F + 2 TB PB2 to dip it in
  • 3 hard-boiled eggs with the yolks removed with 3 TB hummus (waddup 20 grams of protein)
  • 5 crackers with 1 PB or Tahini (I am really feeling Tahini lately!)



I’ve found through my own weight loss journey and helping other people reach their goals that it’s best to work with your eating habits and not against them. Trying to totally cut-out food groups you enjoy, or giving up your favorite late night snacks usually doesn’t stick in the long run. Modifying your eating habits to make them healthier and more appropriate in portion sizes is more likely to equal a lifelong permanent change. So, I may not ever go back to eating a giant bag of microwave popcorn every night, but when the mood strikes I’m glad I have a great alternative on hand!

Salem and I

What are your favorite healthy snacks?
When do you typically feel most snacky?

Workout Wrap UpSaturday: 8 miles

Sunday: 15 miles

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 5k

Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical

Thursday: REST

Friday: 6 miles

I finally got the cooler weather I’ve been hoping for and my weekday miles were total garbage. It’s okay. I used to feel badly (physically) from missing a workout in the morning but lately I’ve been feeling much better not working out as much so I’m going with it! Given my low mileage I don’t have any fun scenic run photos to share. I’m sure you are all devastated.

I got my shit together and did some food prepping this week. I made a some of my favorite cauliflower curry that I devoured in 3 days (I added a cup of peas to this batch.)

CurryI cannot get enough of that stuff. It’s one of those meals that every time I even open the fridge I have to take a few huge spoonfuls out.

Salem has been spending more time on my bed lately. He usually posts up in the office chair almost all day while I’m at work, but this week I’ll leave and come home to him chilling in the bed. Maybe he like’s just having it to himself? He’s so boss. He can do whatever he wants.

SalemI saw this floating around on facebook and just about died. Science humor. ScienceTravis and I have our engagement shoot this weekend! When I announced our engagement on facebook my friend (and amazing photographer) Noel offered to do a shoot for us. We hadn’t even thought of doing one (our entire wedding budget is $1500) so I was extremely grateful for the opportunity! I worked with her last year when she asked for a volunteer to get hair/make-up done for her to do a concept mardi gras photo shoot.


photos1We are going to take photos at the Naval Air Museum and Travis will be wearing his dress uniform. The museum is full of military aircraft so it’s a perfect location for my pilot! I’m still unsure what I’m going to wear. I have a black & gray dress I wear to teach in that I may use. I’m trying to avoid buying anything and I’m not sure what else I’d go with that would coordinate with his dress blues anyways. Aside from that we have a weekend full of the usual. Running, eating, and binge watching TV (I’m so glad I’m almost done with 7th Heaven as GILMORE GIRLS will be on Netflix next week!)

What are you up to this weekend?
This is what Travis’s uniform looks like. What do you think would go well? Cute jeans and boots or a casual dress (what color?)