Day in the Life: New Baby + Downtown Fairbanks

Today we got the gang together to go out to eat downtown and do some shopping for Christmas presents. We hadn’t explored the downtown area much so I was excited to walk around a bit and check out the local shops. I wore a new pair of leggings I snagged during Black Friday shopping and these boots from Famous Footwear.


IMG_0849We went out to eat at The Crepery, which is the top rated restaurant in Fairbanks! Travis hadn’t had a crepe before, so he was in for a treat. We each got a savory crepe, before sharing a strawberry cheesecake crepe. The food absolutely lived up to the hype and we will be going back, often!

Crepe 1

I found a few great gifts for my family, and we may have bought a few caramels to have on the ride home. When we headed back to the car it was 3 p.m. and already starting to get dark out.

Fairbanks skyAfter a quick trip to the grocery store we were back at home, and I changed into some more comfortable clothes to hang out around the house.


Can you believe I didn’t have any slippers until buying these last week? I wear them around the house constantly now! They are so warm and comfy.IMG_0874

Baby and I played on the floor by the tree for a bit (he loves looking at the lights) before relaxing on the couch and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas with Travis. The cats got in on the cuddle party too.

After little man went down for a nap I ended the day as I usually do – cleaning! I try to clean for about 15-20 minutes in the morning, and again at night, and find that I’m able to keep on top of most of the house cleaning. IMG_0905

Most of my days are pretty similar now. Taking care of the baby, the house, and running errands.

One look at that face and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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