Weekend Fun + a Salem Update

February 1st, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Ever since little man arrived our weekends go by in a flash. I’m still nursing him every two hours during the day so our outings typically revolve around that. On Saturdays we’ll all wake up around 7:30, then I our morning goes something like this:

nurse, eat breakfast, nurse, workout, nurse, shower and eat lunch, nurse, and then we are ready to leave the house. So, it’s usually 1 before we are set to go out. It just makes the days seem so short!

On Saturday we had an appointment to have Salems teeth looked at. About a week ago he started having very bad breath. When we had his vaccines updated in Alabama prior to moving up here the vet said his teeth could use a cleaning sometime soon. So, I got recommendations for a good vet hospital and made a pre-dental appointment at Aurora Animal Clinic.

The vet was very nice, and after looking at Salems mouth found one of his very back teeth was slightly abscessed. I couldn’t believe it! He’s been acting fine, eating hard food, and here he was with probably horrible dental pain for the last 1-2 weeks (the vet said it probably happened around the same time we started smelling his breath.)
SalemWhile we were there we went ahead a did a complete blood panel on him, and he got an injectable antibiotic in case the tooth was infected. Since he’s FIV+ everything is treated more aggressively than it otherwise would be.

The earliest they could get him in to clean his teeth, remove the abscessed tooth, and shave his matted butt was Feb 17th. I told them to call me if anyone canceled last minute and I could have him there within 20 minutes! They gave us an estimate for the dental work…even though I knew it was going to be substantial given he will be sedated I was still taken aback at the “high” estimate of just over $1,000! Everything is so pricey in Alaska. Of course we will pay whatever it takes, and I’m happy we’ve found a great local vet hospital (we tried the vet on post last month for Rudy and were not impressed.)

Later that day I drove over to the North Pole to get my hair done. While there I drove by this ancient dwelling. I love that Alaska is stuck in the 90s in so many ways.
BlockbusterThe salon, Head 2 Toe, was on Santa Clause Lane. My stylist Alexis did a great job! I took about 5″ off and really wish I would have done it before we had our family photos taken. It was way too long before, and just completely lifeless. She washed, cut and styled my hair for $35. Will definitely be going back there!
hair cutHow was your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  • CARLA says:

    oh poor SALEM.
    and the things we do for our pets huh?
    I spent (whispers) THOUSANDS to get my bullmastiff’s acls repaired.
    and Id do it all again.

    • Erica House says:

      I’ll never forget spending thousands on Salem’s brother, only to have him die that week anyway, and I’ve never regretted that decision for a moment.

  • Salem!! <3 I'm so glad he's okay!

  • SuzLyfe says:

    Poor Salem! But at least you could pick him up a movie at Blockbuster on the way home. Do they still have VHS?

  • Kim says:

    Poor little guy!! I’m glad you at least found a vet that you like! Packers came Friday and movers today so we spent the weekend cleaning the house and relaxing (on the full size mattress on the floor we’re getting rid of before we leave, haha). I found out last week my cervical length is diminishing (went from 3.5 to 2.6 in 5 weeks), so I have to take it easy & no heavy lifting/strenuous exercise. Next measurement (and last appt in El Paso) is tomorrow! I’m looking forward to getting unpacked and settled then heading home to see family and friends at the end of the month! Do you have any “must” items for a baby?

    • Erica House says:

      I read your latest post your length went back up again – that’s awesome!
      For the baby: boppy, rock n play for sleeping (although I’ve heard it’s hard to transition onto a flat surface), halo swaddle blanket, and lots of zip up footed onesies. They are SO easy to put on and take off for changing. Also, nice nursing clothes for you to wear. I thought I’d just make do with what I have and I’m SO SO tired of wearing the same 3-4 tops now.

  • Your hair looks awesome! I really need to get in for one of my own. And OMG that Blockbuster is nuts!

  • Coach Sara says:

    I’m glad you found a good vet for Salem!! We need to take our kitty to the vet soon. Love your hair & $35 is so cheap.

  • Alma says:

    Cats are so hard to read when it comes to illnesses, sometimes. Unfortunately, my cat–Fogg–recently had to have surgery to get a lump removed. We got a dental exam and cleaning too since it had been a little while. I try to really diligent about her teeth, but apparently she somehow cracked one. They ended up extracting five teeth including the fang that was cracked. She never said word one about her hurting mouth–even after surgery. Unfortunately, she has since developed pancreatitis and is in the kitty hospital for a couple of days. Sick furbabies are heartbreaking. Glad Salem’s going to be doing better in a couple weeks.

    • Erica House says:

      From working at a vet hospital I knew dental disease is the #1 killer of indoor cats, yet I stills lacked on getting their teeth done. I feel horrible about it. I’m so nervous to see how many teeth they may have to pull on him. I hope your little girl feels better soon!

  • Janelle says:

    I love your fox shirt! Where is it from? Also, your hair looks great – so pretty! Mine never gets that long.

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