Here Comes the Rain Again

Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake

Or at least a leaky roof. Our lovely house is so old that there is virtually zero climate control. This means that during the hottest part of the summer (right now to mid-September) the house will not get below 80 degrees. No matter how low we set the thermostat. We can’t even cook with the […]

Mellow Mushroom + Wine Bar


Friday night Matt and I ate at Mellow Mushroom. We’ve gone a few times lately for trivia but I’ve never had dinner there. I ordered their Enlightened Spinach Salad and absolutely loved it. At only 400 calories it was a super healthy option and the salad was so big I had to take half of […]

Batman and Bicycles

Programming RunKeeper

Yesterday Matt played hookey from work. He has only taken a day off for business/travel purposes since I’ve known him and it’s been hard this summer with me teaching night classes to spend a lot of time together, so we decided it would be nice if he could take the day off and we’d have […]

How I Quit Smoking


It’s amazing how bad habits go so well together. The photos above were taken of me a few years ago during my binge drinking, chain smoking and fast food eating days. It ain’t pretty. I started smoking when I was 19. I didn’t know anyone who smoked and I just wanted to see what it […]