I cannot resist a perfectly ripe tomato. So much so that I spent $5 on just these 4 tomatoes at Publix this weekend! I usually stick with plum tomatoes but the tasti-sweet, green, and yellow all looked so delectable I had to grab some. I wasn’t sure what I would use them for but I decided on a simple tomato salad to go with our dinner.

The recipe I used can be found here. You start with salting the tomatoes first to let the salt draw the moisture out and it really makes the flavors pop. We both loved it!

For the main course I made a Spinach Quinoa Pilaf with toasted sunflower seeds, garlic & gouda. Unbelievable. The recipe is on All Recipes here and next time I will be doubling it.

For the side we marinated some portobellos in a little bit of soy sauce and a significant amount of garlic. They were gone in about 20 seconds.

It’s so amazing how somethings that were absolutely disgusting to you as kids (spinach, mushrooms,…) are the highlight of the meal as an adult!

Here Comes the Rain Again

July 30th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life - (4 Comments)

Or at least a leaky roof.

Our lovely house is so old that there is virtually zero climate control. This means that during the hottest part of the summer (right now to mid-September) the house will not get below 80 degrees. No matter how low we set the thermostat. We can’t even cook with the oven because the house will get over 80 degrees in a matter of minutes. In an effort to keep the portions of the house we spend the most time in cool (the dining room/office and bedroom) we closed off the vent in the living room. For the last few weeks the only time I’ve spent in there is to work out, briefly.

This morning I went in there to eat breakfast and saw that the roof, just above the fan, was leaking. The sofa and carpet were both soaked.

Matt hypothesized that the leak was due to a  build up in condensation from leaving the AC vent closed. I opened it up and within an hour the leak has stopped. Salem and I are unimpressed.

The only saving grace to this morning:

Matt picked this up at Target yesterday. It is delicious! Sweet but not overpowering and my whole house smells like Strawberries!

Mellow Mushroom + Wine Bar

July 29th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life - (4 Comments)

Friday night Matt and I ate at Mellow Mushroom. We’ve gone a few times lately for trivia but I’ve never had dinner there. I ordered their Enlightened Spinach Salad and absolutely loved it. At only 400 calories it was a super healthy option and the salad was so big I had to take half of it home for lunch the next day!

After Mellow we went to the Wine Bar on Palafox. After some …. interesting … service we got their Pinot Noir wine flight. My favorite was the Methven! Matt preferred the Belle Glos which tastes like “cherry pie in a bottle.”

I’ve been playing around with my new camera. Salem hopes you all are having a wonderful weekend!