I Get Why Having a Baby is so Hard Now


Before I had my son I read a lot about parenting and life with a newborn. During my incessant google searching and stalking babycenter forums I came across two trends, neither of which I liked. One was a proclivity for many mommy bloggers to approach parenting from a pretty negative ... read more

Fitness Friday: 3 Weeks Postpartum

postpartum walk

So technically I won't be 3 weeks postpartum until Sunday at 12:40 a.m., but close enough! This week I stuck with walking and did 10 minutes of very light upper body exercises on two days. Saturday: 1.5 miles Sunday: Arms/Shoulders/Back Monday: off Tuesday: 1.75 miles Wednesday: 2 ... read more

10 Ways to Find Your Next Race

Pensacola marathon

Since becoming an obsessive runner a few years ago I've spent hours pouring over websites trying to find races. Finding my next race wasn't always as straight-forward as I would have anticipated. There are hundreds of different websites that all list different races, and it seems like there isn't ... read more

It’s not ‘Goodbye’, It’s ‘See You Soon.’


I never truly appreciated what it was like to be a military family until I became one. Travis left yesterday for Alaska. We will be apart for one month, which is far less time than what we'd be facing if he was getting deployed, but with a newborn baby in the mix a month feels like a ... read more

Life With a Baby: Financial Edition

Newborn photo6

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for American Express Serve. I applied for the Serve Cash Back card to facilitate my review and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Babies are not cheap. They also aren't quite as expensive as they ... read more