Baby versus Crib and my Skin Cancer Screening

May 4th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

My parents arrived at the house early Sunday morning and I’m already in denial that 3 days have already passed. We have so much we want to do while they are here, but also want to relax and just enjoy being around each other because the time will go by so quickly. While they are in town I wanted to get some doctors appointments out of the way as it’s hard for me to do some of these when I have to bring the baby with me since Travis works all week.

First up was a trip to the dermatologist for a skin cancer screening. Since I spent about 8 years tanning religiously I’m extremely vigilant about any new or changing moles. I haven’t had a screening for a few years so I wanted to go ahead and get one done, and have her look at one in specific on my thigh.


Ever since having the baby I’ve been paranoid about cancer. I look at his perfect little face and can’t imagine not being around to see him grow up. I made some very, very stupid decisions in my 20’s. Tanning and smoking being two of the biggest. Even though I gave up both years ago I know I’ve permanently increased my chances of skin and lung cancer, and nearly every day I kick myself for it.

Thankfully the dermatologist said everything looked good. She could see why I was concerned about the one on my thigh as it’s black (as opposed to the normal brown colors) but she took photos of it and said if I ever noticed it changing significantly to come back in.

After my appointment we went to try out Lunch Cafe & Eatery. Since my Dad has Celiacs disease we try to find places with gluten free options for him. Lunch Cafe had a great menu filled with vegan and GF choices. They even had a lot of GF desserts! Mom and I both had falafel based dishes and it was her first time having falafel. She loved it and we all thought the food there was great. IMG_0086

After lunch we walked around downtown a bit and stopped by my favorite store, If Only. They had these adorable socks that I was sooo tempted to get and am kind of kicking myself now for not getting the hellraiser ones. IMG_0090

Last night I tried to put the baby down in his crib versus his swing. He’s been sleeping in a swing in his own room for a few months now. We don’t even turn the swing on, but the few times I’ve tried to put him in the crib he’s gotten pretty hysterical. Now that I have reinforcements I thought it would be a good time to try the crib again. It took about 40 minutes but he finally fell asleep in the crib last night. I anticipate the next few nights being a bit rough but it’s never going to get any easier!

Any crib tips? 

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  • Jade says:

    Check out It is a great resource for everything sleep – some of it was hard to apply in my situation but it does have tips for your scenario of transitioning from a swing to crib. I think with every method there will be tears no matter what you really do!

  • Jackie says:

    Try to make the crib snug like the swing. Maybe try putting him to one side for now. I also rolled up blankets and put them on either side of my daughter by her legs. I’ve also heard of putting a rolled up blanket in a u-shape around their bottoms. We also used a crib wedge so she was on an angle. Good luck!!

    • Erica House says:

      I’m going to try elevating one side of the mattress, roll a towel up in a u shape to put under his butt to make him feel like he’s in a swing (and towel under the sheet) and put a heating pad under the sheet on low for a few minutes before I put him in.

      Last night was a disaster. Total disaster.

  • Good on you for going and getting checked out – especially if you have a history of tanning a lot! Even though I never really tanned much, I’m wary of skin cancer as my grandpa had a lot of them over the years and I want to make sure if I have the same issue, I catch them as early as possible!

    • Erica House says:

      I’m so paranoid about it! But, I think 90% of skin cancers are treatable if caught early so that’s motivation for me to get yearly check-ups.

  • FITMOM says:

    Not to scare you…but that was my son! He slept in his cars seat at the foot our bed for 4 months, then a special moon shaped baby seat, then with an assortment of me, his dad, or sister over the next 5 years on a mattress on the floor. He’s now a happy adjusted, confident secure 17 year old, who sleeps beautifully I must say. Not saying what we did was right, but I beleive some kids just come into the world needing more attachment than others. My daughter was opposite, went right to sleep anywhere!!

    • Erica House says:

      I actually read online someone just put the mattress on the floor and that worked out well for them. If he hates the crib so much then why not just eliminate the whole dang thing? The night we tried went so badly we haven’t tried again since. He slept 11.5 hours in his swing last night only waking once to cry for a few minutes before going back to sleep! I ain’t even going to worry about the crib again for a few more weeks.

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