Bewitching Weekend

October 29th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life | Recipes

I’m happy to announce that I survived the weekend! I was a little worried about Saturday after I checked the 5 day forecast and saw something happening on that day that left me confused:

When I put the picture on my twitter asking others what the thought it could mean I received some interesting responses!

I didn’t see any meteorites, and unfortunately didn’t turn into a fairy, so I’m guessing it was supposed to indicate wind & leaves. The day was beautiful – I know that for sure! It was the first cold day we’ve had here this Winter and the chill became more evident to me as I sat on the side of the road waiting for Mitt Romney to drive by on his way to a speaking engagement. I heard he was coming but didn’t know when and I headed out to go grocery shopping on Saturday only to be stopped every time I tried to get onto the road the store is on. Finally, I gave up and parked in a random lot with some other women who were trying to get to Publix! I sat out in the freezing cold for about 10 minutes hoping to get a glimpse. By the time they finally rolled by I was cold, hungry and ready to be home!

While at Publix I took my blood pressure. I’m happy my pulse rate seems normal again – last time I was there (when I was sick so I’m sure that played it’s part) it was over 80.

Despite getting groceries to try out 6 new recipes I still had a pretty small list this week. I will write a post soon about my monthly food budget but I stockpile items that I use regularly whenever their on sale so I just needed to pick up some produce.

One of the recipes I tried was this roasted green bean + mushroom dish. I refuse to use the oven during the hotter months (heats up the entire house) so this is the first time I’ve been able to turn it on in weeks! I’ve only tried roasting vegetables once before and it was an epic disaster. This one turned out better, but not amazing. The flavor is great but I roasted them for more time than the recipe required and the green beans still came out with that weird chewy plastic texture.  Any tips on roasting green beans would be much appreciated! I’m definitely going to try this again but need to make some adjustments.

After lounging around the house Saturday afternoon I got ready to go out for a bit to soak up some Halloween festivities. I didn’t really have a ‘costume’ but I did rock some spiderweb tights, black nails, vamp fangs and green contacts!

I had a great time out and am glad my friend reminded me of my plans to become the female version of Jason Bourne (from the Bourne Identity movies!) I forgot that I told him years ago that was my goal in life and I’m suddenly feeling re-inspired to become an all encompassing BAMF again.

What do you think a female Jason Bourne should be able to do? Martial arts? Speak multiple languages? Give me some ideas!
Did anyone else dress up this weekend? 

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