Birthday Boy!

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

My precious Salem turns 6 this week! That’s a huge deal for us since he was born with FIV and their life expectancy is 5-7 years after contraction. Which means we may not have many more birthday’s with him but we’re sure as hell going to celebrate them while we can! I went a bit overboard.

We spent the morning baking cookies, blowing up balloons and making a fish garland to hang on the ceiling. I found out Matt was an amazing cookie decorator!

 Salem was scared of the balloons.

We took the obligatory family photos which Salem was also not a fan of.

For his cake we made him a tuna & egg souffle and his gift {for our amusement} was a new bib. We got the bib from Party City (along with the other decorations) and the young kid at the check-out laughed and said he loved it. I told him it was for my cat and he gave me a strange look.

I told him all the decorations were for my cat and he changed the subject entirely.

He told us they used to have a bib there that said “All Mommy wanted was a back rub.”

Moving on.

We shot a short video of him with his cake!


Our second attept at a nice family picture. Salem decided to start attacking Matts face. Happy Birthday, Salem!

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