10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet


While working on my Bachelors degree I spent two years as an office manager for a Veterinary Clinic. The clinic only treated cats, and before my time was up there I had adopted two rescues. The clinic worked closely with a rescue organization so we always had cats waiting for their forever homes.


If we had a kitten waiting to be adopted they wouldn't be in the clinic more than a week.

If we had an older cat waiting to be adopted they would be there for weeks to months.

Kittens are ridiculously adorable, there's no denying that. Older cats have their appeal too! Since Nocember is Adopt a Senior Pet Month here are 10 reasons why I think adopting a senior pet is awesome:

  1. Older cats don't require the time and energy that kittens do. Kittens are all over the place, get into everything, and want a lot of attention. Our three cats (8-11 years old) are content laying in front of the window all day.
  2. Older cats may be better for a family with young kids. Our boys have definitely mellowed in their old age and are much more tolerant of our screaming baby than I think they would have been a few years ago.
  3. It's easier to tell a cats personality when they are older. When you go in to adopt 6 week old kittens they all have the same spastic personality. With an older cat you can see what their true personality is like.
  4. Older cats are adorable in their own right. I love my oldest cats sagging tummy and grating hair!
  5. Older cats are usually spayed/neutered and have had their shots. Adopting a kitten means spending hundreds to get all that done.
  6. If you work outside the home an older cat can be left alone all day and you don't have to kitten proof your house.
  7. Older cats snuggle more. As kittens none of the cats I've had would sit in my lap for long or sleep with me at night. If I didn't have to get up Salem would sit in my lap all day.
  8. Other pets at home may be more tolerant of an older cat coming into the house versus a kitten.
  9. Older cats are often cheaper to adopt since it is so much harder to find them a home.
  10. Older cats, like all cats, need love too. They are deserving of forever homes, and so often land up in shelters after their previous families decided to dump them, so they are deserving of a second chance!


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Have you adopted a senior pet?