10 Ways to Find Your Next Race


Since becoming an obsessive runner a few years ago I've spent hours pouring over websites trying to find races. Finding my next race wasn't always as straight-forward as I would have anticipated. There are hundreds of different websites that all list different races, and it seems like there isn't one central location to find information on all the races at once. I certainly don't plan on running anytime soon, but I hope to start doing some run/walk intervals after my six week checkup in a few weeks. I've already started looking around at what races are coming up in Alaska. We will be living near a town called North Pole so they have lots of holiday themed runs, and there's a Winter solstice run in December where you run from sun up to sun down and see who can get the most miles in. Of course the time the sun is out is only four freaking hours at that point! I will definitely be doing that race before we leave just so I can say I 'ran an entire day' once.

Here are my top 10 favorite websites and ways to find races.

Find Your Next Race

1. Running in the USA. Always my first stop when searching for a race. Seems to be the most comprehensive and up to date.

2. Runners World Race Finder.

3. Active.com's Race Finder.

Pensacola marathon

My Dad (the 5 or 6x marathoner!) and I after my first marathon

4. Cool Running Race Finder.

5. Road Race Runner.

6. Run Locator.

Country Music Marathon

Foam rolling in the parking lot after the Country Music Marathon!

7. RunKeeper's Race Finder.

8. Running Bug (for my UK friends!)

9. Rock N Roll Marathon Series. I'm an ambassador for this race series because it's freaking awesome and they have races all over the world. I've run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville and the New Orleans Half and loved both of them. You can use code RUNWITHERICA to get $15 off your registration!

Pensacola marathon1The marathon my husband and I ran the day after our wedding!

10. Finally, my favorite way to find races is to look for a local running store. Usually they will have a race calendar that lists all the local 5k's that hardly ever make it onto the main websites listed above.

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Half Marathon1Half Marathon with Pops!

How do you normally find races?  How many races do you do a year?