11 non-running miles, Mini Golf, and Carbs

The weather was gorgeous this weekend (highs in the mid 70's) so I tried to spend as much time outside as possible. Saturday morning I went on a 5 mile hike on my favorite trail. 2weekend12It helped me make lots of room for the feast at Buffalo Wild Wings that was to take place after. I ordered 3 appetizers to 'share' with Travis (I pretty much owned that basket of potato wedges.)2weekend9Then we hit up Adventureland in Dothan to play mini golf. Clearly I thought having the sun directly in our eyes would make for a great photo. 2Weekend10

It was part of the 'date night' box I gave Travis for Christmas. I promise I'll do a post on it soon since we've gone through 4 dates now! This was our first time playing the course and it was a lot of fun. There were a ton of people out so I figured we'd spend a lot of time waiting on families ahead of us to play through but we never waited more than a minute or two. I loved that some of the holes had this spinner that you had to play first to see what kind of twist your shot would have.2weekend7

It was a close game, and not just because I cheated a few times. Travis won, so it puts our lifetime mini golf score at 1:1.2weekend8

Sunday Travis had to spend the day studying so I headed out to enjoy the day alone. I went to Westgate Park and walked 6 miles around their trail (a 3 mile loop.) I really wanted to find a new spot to hike at but there's a serious lack of hiking/camping near Dothan. Most trails were a minimum of an hour drive away and I didn't want to spend 2 hours on the car. 2weekend5

After the walk I headed to Ross to check out their clothes. I've said it a dozen times before but I am extremely unfashionable. It's a mix of not wanting to spend money, hating trying stuff on, and just generally not being into clothes. Sometimes I want to feel all cute and pretty though and with the nice weather it felt like a good time to look for some cute Spring/Summer dresses. I found this dress at Ross for $10 (it's actually super brightly colored but I accidently had this filter on my phone when I took the photo.) 2Weekend4My final trip was to Walmart where I wanted to check out their patio furniture. Travis and I are planning to get a BBQ and patio furniture set soon to enjoy for the 8 weeks of perfect weather before 100 degree Summer days hits. I don't love the color of the seat cushions on this set but it was super comfortable (I'm hoping to read and work out there often as well) and definitely the right price!2Weekend1My final purchase was this pretty teal maxi dress (my first one) for $15. I loved it just because of how comfortable it is, but it's about 1.5" too long (I'm standing on my toes in this picture.) I've tried hemming clothes before but when it's this cheap material it always puckers up funny. Mom mentioned a new-sew hemming tape before, has anyone had any luck with that? 2WeekendI've got a mile long to-do list for this week and it's hardly even started. I'm going to swing by a college in Dothan to see about getting registered to take 2 classes this Summer, need to do about a dozen blog-related things, and I'm going to follow up on a few job/volunteer inquiries I put out last week. Gotta love that hustle.

How often do you go clothes shopping?

What's on your 'to do' list this week?