110% Compression Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by 110% Compression to see if I would be interested in trying out some of their gear. Well, duh. I've only been drooling over them since seeing someone at the Gulf Coast Half Marathon expo wearing them and having my mind blown all over my face that someone actually designed socks you can slide ice into and wear while walking. 110I also saw rows of them for sale at my beloved Running Wild so I knew they were legit. To be honest I don't know if I would have ever splurged on buying them for myself but now that I've used them I can say they are 110% worth it.

They reached out to me in the midst of my achilles pain issue so I was excited to try out their Compression sock + Ice Sleeve designed specifically for plantar, achilles, ankle, shin, foot & calves. They have other products designed just for knees, your whole legs and even your upper body. I went with the socks because every area I listed above has bothered me on some level since marathon training. I got beast calves - it's a love/hate relationship.

The set comes with two pairs of socks - the black one's you wear first are like traditional compression socks. These do run a bit tall so they come up to about mid-way on my knee (unless your vertically challenged like me this won't be an issue.) They also aren't quite as tight as other compression socks I've tried but that's okay because I only wear these when I'm using the ice part as well.

Once the black socks are on you put the white pair on over them. In between these two layers is where you slide the ice packs they provide. You can put them on your calves, shins, ankle ... wherever you need!

110 compression

At first I thought "how often would I really use this over just laying on the couch with ice?" Answer: all the time.

The convenience of not being tied to staying still while icing is what you pay for with these socks. I've worn them driving out to my parents after a long run:

2013-09-01 08.37.08-2

I'll put them on as soon as I get out of the shower and wear them as I'm getting ready for work. The first few times I wore them I thought they weren't working as well as just laying a towel on my legs and an ice bag over it since I didn't actually feel the ice at all. Then, I'd take the socks off and the area I'd be icing was freezing to the touch. I loved it!

If you ice regularly, as I do 3-4 times a week, then 110% Compression is absolutely worth investing in. I love the mobility it provides me, although I do sometimes still use icing my legs as an excuse to binge watch Netflix on the weekend after my long runs.

Are you a fan of icing?