House Tour: Holiday Edition (and the sweet gift Travis gave me for my birthday.)


Why do some people get so personally offended when people put Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving? The two holidays are not mutually exclusive! I know this may sound insane, but I'm pretty sure our Turkey is still going to cook just fine on Thursday with our Christmas tree up. Having decorations up this week doesn't deter from the spirit or fun of Thanksgiving at all to me. If anything it makes Thanksgiving feel even more cozy! Since this is our first Christmas in a place that actually gets snow, and our first Christmas with our son, we are kind of going overboard with things. The holiday just seems to be so much more magical now that we have a baby and live 20 minutes from the North Pole.

This past weekend Travis and I set up all of our Christmas decorations, and bought a few more. Most of the holiday decor at Michaels was 50% off, and I had a coupon to get an additional 25% off. We spent $60 and got 4 pillows, a garland, and a gorgeous wreath. IMG_0753 - Copy

One of my favorite holiday memories is decorating the Christmas tree with my family. We never did the 'designer' trees where all the ornaments are color coordinated with a perfectly positioned ribbon winding up the tree. We had the hodge-podge tree full of of ornaments collected on road trips and for special occasions.

Last year my parents gave us this ornament for our first Christmas. IMG_0763

Travis found some of his childhood ornaments and put this Shaq on our tree.IMG_0764

Whenever I travel I grab an ornament as a souvenir. I have so many at this point the tree is like a scrapbook of my vacations! For my birthday this year Travis surprised me by picking up an ornament at every place he stopped at on his drive up from Florida to Alaska. Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Calgary, Yukon Territory,... such a thoughtful gift!IMG_0770

Here are the 4 pillows we snagged for under $40!IMG_0760


Growing up I wasn't too interested in this type of folk Americana decor but living up in Alaska it just seems so fitting. Travis's grandmother made his stocking when he was a kid, and just made one for the baby and I this year. We also have stockings that my Mom made for me when I was a baby, and one I made for Travis and (will soon make) for the baby so we will alternate what stockings we put out ever year. IMG_0783 - Copy A photo of our first Christmas together last year, next to the photo we took of us after getting married at the courthouse! IMG_0785

This table centerpiece I've had for ages. I've never burned the candles in it. I don't know why. I'm sure it would look beautiful and that's kind of the point of having them!IMG_0775

The Santa picture above the lamp lights up, and we have a similar one of a Winter scene in the hallway. IMG_0751 - Copy

This is the wreath we scored at Michaels for $15. I told Travis we should put it on the front door, but he said we wouldn't get to enjoy it very much that way so we hung it on the door going out to the garage. IMG_0788


Tomorrow I'll share some non-decorated photos of the rest of the house now that we have it all set up!

What kind of ornaments do you put on your tree? When do you start putting holiday decorations out?