Fitness Friday: My 2 Huge Splurges + Baby Met Santa Clause


Saturday: rest

Sunday: 2.5 mile run

Monday: T25 Rip't Circuit + 1 mile walk

Tuesday: 2 mile run

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack + 2 mile run

Friday: T25 Speed 2.0

We bought a treadmill! It was delivered the day before Thanksgiving. I had thought about getting one ever since we found out we would be moving to Alaska. We knew we would be getting back some money from the move and I was hoping it would be enough to get one. The military gives you a lot of different allowances to help move and often times you end up 'making' money off the move.

After doing hours of research on which one to buy I finally settled on the perfect one on Amazon. I added it to my cart, went to checkout, and found out they didn't ship to Alaska.

Fine, I'll check Walmart.

Nope. They hate Alaska too.

Finally, Travis and I went into the local Sears just to if they had any. We were looking at a few models in our price range when an employee came up to ask if we needed any help. Twenty minutes later we were scheduling the delivery. IMG_0917

So far everything has been great with it! I'd still much rather be running outside, but this is a great alternative. I'll put the baby in his rock-n-play and bring him into the office/gym with me and play "how long can mommy run for before baby starts to cry." It's usually anywhere from 20-30 minutes. IMG_0921

When I ran on the weekend I was up before Travis and the baby so I just put on Home Improvement and ran for a bit. It's pretty sweet to be able to lace up my shoes and go for a run without leaving the house.

Eats this week have been meh. I'm still not counting calories since I'm breastfeeding, but trying to make healthy choices as much as possible. It's hard to find the time to do a lot of cooking when it's just me and the kid, so I really need to get into doing a lot of food prep on the weekends again. At least once a week since I've been in Alaska I've been making these super easy corndog muffins. One box Jiffy cornbread + 2 vegetarian hotdogs. Done.  IMG_0938This weekend I will be doing a ton of baking so I'm not even going to pretend like I'll be eating healthy. I'm making chocolate fudge, oreo fudge, chocolate chip cookie dough fudge, and nutella cheesecake squares. Travis will be taking some into work on Monday, and we will be shipping the rest out to family. I love baking, enjoying a bit of it, and then getting the rest out of the house!baking

Aside from a treadmill I made one other 'huge' (to me) purchase lately. This gorgeous coach handbag! I typically buy >$30 purses from Target or Walmart and keep them for over a year. In lieu of presents Mom is sending us a check to shop with so this is what I decided to get with my portion. I went ahead and purchased it during their Black Friday sale and got it for 20% off! coach

As much as I love my new bag the highlight of my week was the baby meeting Santa. He wasn't impressed. I just love the fact that later on he can tell his friends that he met Santa in the North Pole for his first Christmas.  This weekend we have a lot to get done for our Christmas packages. A few craft projects to finish, presents to wrap, goodies to bake, and probably 253 baby kisses to give.

What do you bake during the Holidays? What are you doing this weekend?