Fitness Friday: My New Fitness Planner

Happy Friday! I survived the first week back to it being just baby and I. We have such a nice little routine going I really can't complain about anything besides lack of sleep (yay 4 month sleep regression!) I stayed on schedule for the workout plan I shared on Sunday:

Saturday: arms

Sunday: 2.3 miles (so not feeling this run)

Monday: lower body hell (created a workout including lots of squats and lunges with 25# weight.)

Tuesday: 5k run

Wednesday: rest

Thirsdsy: speed work (5x400)

Friday: upper body and abs

I'm feeling great after a strong week of workouts and I'm even more excited to go into the next few weeks thanks to my new fitness planner! It's actually just an expansion pack to the Happy Planner I'm obsessed with. I ordered it, and a fitness sticker set, the day it was released. I maaaasybe (okay definitely) ordered two of each so I can do another giveaway soon. Happy planner fitness insert I'll show off photos of it once I get if all set-up and decorated this weekend! I did a quick periscope yesterday showing it off as I unboxed it so be sure to follow me there if you are missing my scopes.

Thanks to meal planning my nutrition was on point this week as well. I had my usual oatmeal + mothers milk tea for breakfast since it helps with my supply while breastfeeding. Lunch was either a Greek salad or burrito bowl. Dinner was a gigantic protein shake that I usually drink while soaking in a hot bath. I look forward to that hour of time to relax all day! I also snacked 2-3x a day on hard boiled eggs, pretzels and hummus, or a protein bar (usually all three in a day.) Shake in bath

I joined a planner group on Facebook because I am that nerdy with it now and someone showed off some sailor moon stickers they got. It inspired me to pull out some of the SM stuff I still have from middle school. I spent the rest of the day crying when I realized that was 20 years ago. Sailorr Moon dolls Little man and I were jamming to a new cd this week. Having a little baby can be pretty boring. They can't interact much, play games, or even sit-up. So, I've just started doing things with him like I would if he were a bit older. Like dance parties to world music, or trips to the kids section of the world music We've had unseasonably warm temperatures all week. Highs were above zero every day. I didn't get outside too much since little man has had a lingering cough for the past week. I did get to enjoy this amazing Alaskan sunrise. At 10 a.m.. Alaska sunrise at 10This weekend I'm hoping to go out to eat and try a new restaurant. We haven't been out to eat in a while and we've got some celebrating to do. I paid off my $25,000 in student loans! Six years early! I added up how much I paid on them last year and couldn't believe it...$17,500. Just paid off the last $2,500 this week. It was a little anti-climatic, but it still feels great to have that weight gone. I saved just over $3,000 in interest by paying them off early. We only have his car left to pay off, and my income will now go toward maxing out my Roth this year, adding to our sons 529, and saving up for a new car for me.


What are you up to this weekend?