Valentines Weekend Fun


My weekend started off with the sweetest mix-up. Travis ordered flowers online through FTD that were supposed to be delivered on Friday. They were supposed to be a surprise, but when Travis received an email from them that morning saying the flowers were unavailable to be delivered he told me what he had tried to do and how disappointed he was. Later that afternoon he went out to "run errands" (trying to hide it from me that he was in search of last-minute Valentines flowers.) While he was gone a delivery guy dropped off the original flowers he ordered. Valentines flowersI texted a photo of them to Travis to thank him, and he had just walked out of the store with another bouquet and a box of chocolates. I felt so bad that he had to go to so much trouble, but I've loved having beautiful flowers all over the house! Valentines flowers 1On Saturday we took baby boy to his first birthday party. One of the families we knew back at Fort Rucker (Alabama) had a little girl just turn 4 so I went on the hunt for a good present for her. I absolutely love this locally owned toy store, Enchanted Forest Toys. Enchanted Forest Toy ShopI narrowed it down to two choices; a giant floor puzzle and a memory game. I had met up with the wife and kids before to walk around a museum and remembered the little girl was super smart and loved animals. I was going to go with the memory game, but realized she'd only be able to play it when someone else was around. She has a little brother who is 2 so I figured her mom would appreciate the girl having something she could play with independently so I picked up the cute puzzle. Gifts for 4 year oldI also had to snag these cat stickers for myself. cat stickersThe birthday party was at the community center on post. I hadn't been to it before and couldn't believe how massive it was. I can't remember how many different rooms there were but there was at least 6 different birthday parties going on that day. The girls parents made these cute party favors by tying a balloon to a bubble want. Baby boy loved it. It was his first time seeing bubbles or balloons and he was mesmerized. We hung out at the party for about an hour and a half and he just sat there watching everything around him. Last Fronteir Community CenterAfter the party we headed downtown to do some shopping. There is a bakery in town that's only open on Saturdays and has the most beautifully designed cookies and macaroons. Of course they were sold out by the time we got there, but they shared a retail space with another baker who had some fudge and peanut butter balls so we walked away happy.

We had to stop by my favorite store and check out their newest products. I loved their lettering display! If Only Fairbanks If Only Fairbanks 1I had my eye on a ceramic mug there with the word 'ponder' on it, but it was sold and the only one they had left said 'patience.' I took it as a sign and bought that one. I could certainly use some more patience in my life.

On Sunday we drove over to the Air Force gym to use their indoor track so I could try out the jogging stroller for the first time. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but it's definitely more challenging. Little man seemed to enjoy the new experience.

The one low to our weekend has been Salem. His recovery is not going well. He had three teeth removed on Friday the 5th, and seemed to be getting progressively better for a few days. Things took a turn for the worse late last week. He started eating/drinking less and moving about the house less. In the last three days he's pretty much stayed in one spot in the office without moving. I've had to bring wet food and treats to him to try and coax him to eat anything. I'm calling the clinic the moment they open today and hope they can get him in asap.

When I was reflecting on all that I've been through with Salem I truly feel like he has fulfilled his purpose in life (when I selfishly believe his purpose was to help me.) He's been with me through every major adult relationship, nearly every move I've made since moving out of my parents house, he brought me joy when his brother passed away, and he kept me company for years when I was the token single cat lady. Now that I'm married with a non fur-baby I feel like him passing would signify the end of an era.

I sound all stoic about it now but if we actually have to put him down I'm sure I'll be a freaking mess. Thank goodness for chocolate and baby snuggles.

How was your weekend?