One Postpartum Event that was BETTER Than I Expected


This post is sponsored by Walgreens.

So, I had an unannounced visitor show up recently.

I had been dreading her, as I heard horror stories about how disruptive and uncomfortable she makes things.

No, it’s not my mother-in-law (who I actually love.)

Yes, we’re talking about periods today folks. Cue my Dad to stop reading.

While I was pregnant I turned into the worlds leading expert on all things pregnancy and postpartum. I read nearly every book written on the topic, lived on baby forums, and talked to friends who were already initiated into the motherhood club.

One thing that kept popping up was how horrible the first postpartum period was. I won’t go into details, but it’s not uncommon for it to be far, far worse than it was pre-pregnancy. More cramps, more irritability, more everything. This is what prompted me to take the Well at Walgreen Dri-Fit ™ challenge; one less thing to worry about during that time!

Since I’m still nursing my son I knew it wasn’t uncommon to go a year or more postpartum without a period. The average length it takes to come back is 9 months and waddya know …. 9 months almost to the day it started.

I felt a bit crampy the day or two before it started, but I always had pretty bad cramps before the baby so that’s nothing new for me. I didn’t have anything on hand at the house except for some leftover massive pads from my postpartum days so I swung by Walgreens to grab some monthly essentials.


Trail mix is an essential; as are salty chips.

The coconut water has a ridiculous amount of potassium in it so it’s great for alleviating cramping. I drank it regularly while pregnant to help with the nasty leg cramps I would get.

Between the cramping and this being my first period in two years I decided to pick up some ultra thin pads. I’ve never been brand loyal to any feminine hygiene product so I went with the Well at Walgreens brand featuring the Dri-Fit ™ system.


They worked just as well as brands I’ve paid twice as much for, and were extremely comfortable. I honestly forgot I was wearing them most of the time. Thankfully my symptoms were that light (for the first cycle at least, I’ve heard they can get worse still!)


So, now I’m back to carrying one around at all times just in case.

IMG_2356Thankfully, there’s still very little in my life that can’t be made significantly better with a warm bubble bath at the end of a long day. Now that it’s ‘hot’ in Alaska I always have a cold drink with me in the bath so I don’t get too overheated.


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Given that I have a baby who’s only slept through the night once in 9.5 months, I’m happy at least one thing postpartum went smoother than expected!