2013 - Thanks for sucking less than 2012

I usually pass on reading 'year in review' posts from other bloggers. Ironic, now that I'm doing one. However, my blog has seen some pretty significant growth since 2012 and if you haven't been reading along since then (which I promise not to take personally), then you may have missed some pretty big events in my life. Nothing to major, but I was talking with a friend last night over dinner and it hit me; I am the person I've always wanted to be.


Here's how 2013 helped that happen.

I moved into a 490 sq ft studio.

lifeI traveled - a lot. More in the last year than I have in the last 10.

To New Orleans to see a great friend.


To Cumberland Island, Georgia which has been a dream vacation spot of mine for years!


To Portland, Oregon to speak at Fitbloggin.


To Breaks Interstate Park to play in the woods with Dad for a week.

life4To Jacksonville, Florida for a mini road trip with the parentals.

life5And to Chicago, for my first ever solo vacation as a combo '30th birthday/surviving my first marathon' gift to myself.

life6I ran my first half marathon and full marathon (raising $750 for the Pensacola Humane Society in the process!)

life7After 15 years of sporting some fake ass teefs I finally ponied up a small fortune to get real one's put in (that took 3 months, 5-6 trips, and about 12 hours in the chair.) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis the week after my half-marathon, and I traced my family line back to Canadian lumberjacks who give their babies mohawks.

Life8I asked a lot of tough questions this year. Should I have kids? Is passion or money more important in life? Why can't people love right anymore?

Life9I turned 30, and celebrated by eating ice cream with my parents.

2013-10-17 17.58.08-2

Looking back over the year and I'm genuinely shocked at how much I've done, learned, and dealt with. I can't imagine what may happen over the next year. I've got some big dreams of things that may come!

What do you hope to happen in 2014?