2015 Income Report: I made $24k from blogging last year

I am so excited to share with you today just how I made $24,000 off this blog last year! I almost doubled the amount I made off the blog last in 2014, and did so with average monthly page views of about 50,000. That's comparatively small to "big" bloggers. I love to show how ANY blogger can monetize and help support their families doing something they love. 2015 For some background; I've been blogging consistently since May 2012. I started off blogging five days a week and a new post went up every morning at 4 a.m. for 6 months before I saw a dime from the site. I didn't go into it thinking I'd make money off of it. I wanted to use it as a springboard to get in person personal training clients.

In 2013 I made $11,070 off the blog.

In 2014 I made $13,697 off the blog.

In 2015 I made $23,634 off the blog!

When looking at other blogger income reports they typically have very impressive page views to match their incomes, but I've been hovering around 50k a month all year. Last year my average was 40k a month. So I had a huge jump in income but not in page views.

And I know exactly why.

I've been focusing more on growing my social media channels. Blogging isn't dead, but I'm seeing more and more brands interested in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A lot of my sponsored work this year involved campaigns that were executed solely on social media channels. In 2014 I maybe had one or two projects like that.

Here's a look at my income by month.

  • January   2239.17
  • February   897.72
  • March   715.23
  • April   854.90
  • May   3871.56
  • June   1346.38
  • July   1835.52
  • August   1846.46
  • September   1842.17
  • October   3616.48
  • November   2546.32
  • December   2072.18

Total   23,634.09   Monthly average   1,969.51

The first half of the year was much slower than the second. I've noticed that trend every year that I've been blogging, so I know not to sweat it too much. Thankfully our budget is based almost entirely on my husbands income. I factor in only $1k a month from me, and everything I make above that goes toward my student loans (which will be paid off next month - 6 years early!) or my retirement account or our sons 529.

The income for 2015 doesn't include the thousands of dollars worth of free stuff I got; from running shoes to fitness bands. Or the all expense paid trips to Chicago to shoot a commercial or Rhode Island to hang out with Olympic athletes.

Where did it come from?

  • Sponsored Content   14997.48
  • Ambassador   5000
  • Ads   1588.70
  • Twitter Party   925
  • Amazon   742.91
  • Freelance writing   380

Last year I did much more freelance writing work. Then it hit me - why am I spending time writing awesome articles for someone else's website to grow? I decided to focus more on my own content. I'm very happy with that decision!

I spend about 10-15 hours a week on the blog. 5-6 hours are spent on writing posts, 3-4 on social media and 1-2 on responding to emails.

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In addition to the blog I made about 5400 from scoring tests at home, and 4800 from social media management. Thankfully I only score projects for 2-3 months of the year as that adds another 20 hours of work a week and that has been hard for me to manage with a new baby!

Overall, I've made about $34,000 from working from home less than 20 hours a week. To say I'm grateful is a ridiculous understatement. To have a job that goes with me wherever the military sends us (like Alaska!) and one I can do while taking care of my son, is mind boggling. I feel so lucky, but I know it isn't luck. It's just consistency.

This year I hope to help out others who want to leave the rat race far, far behind and become their own boss. I can work in pajamas most days. I can work two 10 hour days, or 3 hours every day (what I usually do.) I can take a week off whenever I want. I could sleep in (if baby boy let me!) Don't get me wrong, I take my job very seriously. Which is why I've been successful.

When people ask me what I do I tell them I have the best job ever.

I hope this post serves as motivation for my fellow bloggers who aren't where they want to be yet. Keep at it. I took me almost 4 years but I blogged near daily, I invested an hour every day for 4 years on social media, and it's paid off.

Start now and you'll be glad you did next New Years.