24 Weeks: The Good, The Bad, and Nachos

It's been a ..... heck of a month. I jot down notes on my phone each week when any new symptom arises. For the last 4 weeks the only notes I have down are my weekly weigh-in's! Physically I've been pretty good. Emotionally - I'm all over the place.

Let's start with the good stuff:

Travis can feel baby boy kick now! I've been feeling him since 18 weeks but this is the first week Travis can definitely feel him. He was feeling him move on Sunday night and we were both looking at my stomach when we saw him drag his foot along, or roll over, or something. It was a few inches long in movement and honestly a little creepy. It's so cool to feel and see him, but it's still surreal. Later that night Travis came to bed and put his hand on my stomach again. The baby immediately started kicking and he asked, "how do you sleep like this."

"I don't."

I wouldn't trade it for the world though! I love feeling him move and know how lucky I am to have made it this far.

24 weeks 2

The not-as-good:

I feel huge. I know when I'm 38+ weeks pregnant I'm going to look back on this post and want to slap myself for saying that, but as of right now I'm the most pregnant I've ever been so I have nothing else to compare it to. The baby was measuring 2 weeks ahead at our last appointment (at 22 weeks) so I'm hoping that's why I've popped so much! Just for comparison here's what I looked like at 20 weeks.


Quite the difference! I wonder if part of it is because I'm so short (5'2".) I've also been gaining a good amount of weight. As of yesterday, at exactly 24 weeks, I am up 19.5 pounds. When I told Travis that he asked how much I had gained just in the last week. I told him about 2 - 2.5 pounds. He replied, "Oh, well that explains it. You've gotten so much bigger this week."


I'm SURE he was referring to JUST my stomach because there is no WAY anything else on me is getting bigger. <- sarcasm.

When I was on the plane home from Rhode Island I had a woman ask me if I was ready to pop any day. Umm...no, I just love nachos. Seriously, I've eaten them for lunch or dinner 3x in the last 4 days. I know it's not the healthiest, and I've been doing pretty good overall, but if you can't have nachos every day for a week when your pregnant than what the hell is the point?

(My, "she did not just ask me if I was 9 months pregnant" face)24 weeks 1

The only difficulties I've run into over the last month were the crazy bad charley horse I got while in Rhode Island, and some pretty epic mood swings. I'm totally happy and high on life one minute, and I turn into the incredible hulk with rage the next. It's only happened twice since becoming pregnant but it's two times too much. I think a lot of it has to do with my stress levels being pretty high lately. I've been working 35ish hours a week with Pearson, keeping up with the blog, traveling, and worrying about my poor parents cat (who is STILL in the clinic with elevated kidney levels.)

The contract with Pearson will end in 2 weeks so that will free up a lot of my time. Now that the trip is over I don't have any stress from that (I always get a bit stressed in the week leading up to travel just wondering if it will go okay and trying to get ahead on work.) I've got a lot of fun things planned for this blog so I think the my stress levels will lower just in time for the third trimester to start in a month. I've heard how difficult those last 13 weeks can be so I'm glad I'll be lightening my load a bit before it starts!

24 weeksAs for the other random pregnancy related items I see most bloggers share in their updates:

  • I still don't have any new stretch marks. I'm using Mama Bee Belly Butter and Earth Mama, Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil. I have started to get the dark line that some pregnant women get along the center of their bellies. Mine extends up to my belly button and is pretty faint right now. For some reason I love it! I think it looks cool.
  • What have we purchased? Everything. Well, our amazing families have purchased nearly everything we need already. We are so, so, so lucky. The only big items left are a baby monitor and breast pump (I hope to exclusively breast feed for the first 5ish weeks and then introduce breast milk via a bottle once a day so Travis can help feed.)
  • Belly button is in still
  • Still no food aversions or cravings (aside from nachos apparently, but even then I never crave them, I just love nachos.)
  • I'm still working out 5-6x a week. I try to run at least once a week on the treadmill now. Usually just a 5k at about a 14 minute pace! I'll either walk, hike or do the elliptical 2-3 times a week, and strength train at home twice a week. I haven't lowered the weights I use yet as everything still feels great.

I honestly think I'm having one of the worlds easiest pregnancies. My Mom had horrific morning sickness with me, so I expected to have the same. The only thing I can think that's working in my favor is still eating healthy-ish and working out often. That's another reason why I give zero cares how much weight I gain. I'm not counting calories so I don't know how much extra I'm eating but it isn't too much. I just eat whenever I'm hungry, until I'm full. I figure my body knows what to do, so if I end up gaining 30 or 50 pounds it's all good.

For my fellow pregnant women, how have you been feeling? Anything pregnancy related you'd like me to talk about on the blog?