28 Week Pregnancy Update


Hello, third trimester! It's been a month since my last pregnancy update. Not a whole lot has changed, aside from getting a bit bigger! I've reached the point where I've had a few people say, "you look so big!" or, "he's going to be huge!" when I tell them I'm 'only 28 weeks' pregnant.


The comments certainly don't bother me. I feel like I do look big for 28 weeks! I absolutely love how I look though. I was talking with my friend Jenny yesterday about how much I love my pregnant body. It's just given me a type of confidence I never had pre-pregnancy. I've tried to be as accepting of myself as I can be, but of course I've always thought that having defined abs or thinner thighs would be nice. Ever since I became pregnant I've given up all reservations about my 'problem' areas. Any extra weight I've gained outside of the stomach region doesn't phase me one bit. I've got a baby in me! I've currently got two brains, 2 sets of lungs, and 2 hearts. It's freaking amazing.

Thanks to our wonderful families we haven't had to buy too much for the kid. In the last two weeks I've started picking up a few smaller things I'll need postpartum. I also bought two cases of Pampers swaddlers at Target (saving the receipts in case he is allergic or doesn't fit in them well!) They were on sale so I figured I'd just start stocking up on diapers and wipes as I see good prices on them.

Of course I had to check out their clothes section and found a bunch of cute tops on clearance. I got all three for under $9! They are size 12 months, but we are pretty stocked on 0-6 month sizes and I keep hearing how horrible shopping is in Alaska so I'm just going to pick up things for the future as I see them on super sale. Target

I had to stop by Walmart after to pick up green onions (Target is always randomly out of the one thing I really need....) and the had a good amount of items on clearance as well. Got these 6 onesises for $8.50. Walmart

Now that I'm no longer doing the online grading project I'm finally catching up on the few baby/parenting books I wanted to read before he arrives. First, I read Happiest Baby on the Block. It came highly recommended, but I was not that impressed. The book seemed very redundant, and could have been summarized in 2 pages (this link gives you all the information you really need.)

I'm now a few chapters into Einstein Never Used Flash Cards. I love this book. It is a very dense read. Almost like a upper level psychology textbook. The authors use a ridiculous amount of data to back up their claims, and their basic premise is something I'd really like to center my parenting style around. Kids don't need to be overwhelmed with language classes, music lessons and private tutors at the age of 5 to ensure success later in life. Kids need to play. They need to be involved in daily activities around the house. They need to be talked to, often, and use their imaginations. From teaching Child Development courses for years I loved how they included information from some of my favorite theorists (Piaget, Vygotsky, etc.) Einstein

Remember yesterday how I said I was going to start eating healthy again after a weekend full of chips, funnel cake, and ice cream? Yeah....that didn't happen. I came home from my OB appointment around noon yesterday and the AC in our house had stopped working while I was gone. It was 94 degrees outside. I called maintenance and fortunately they had it fixed by 3 p.m., but I still was in a hot and crabby mood. I had chips and bean dip for lunch and ice cream for dinner. All the junk food is officially out of the house now so I'll be making my cauliflower chickpea curry tomorrow!

With 12 weeks to go:

  • I've gained 22 pounds. I was up 19.5 at last months update so I've slowed down just a little bit from the pound a week I was putting on for a while. I've read weight can either continue increasing by a pound a week, or slow down to stall out completely as you get closer to term and just have no room left to grow/put food. If I continue with the pound a week gain that would put my total weight gain at 34 pounds which is in the healthy range. Yay, nachos!
  • No new stretch marks but I feel they are coming. I don't have any reason in particular to guess they may show up soon, but I just don't think I'll be one of the lucky women who escape them completely! I'm still alternating between Earth Mama Angle Baby stretch oil and Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.
  • I am tired. No matter how exhausted I am I cannot fall asleep before midnight. I'll start dozing off sitting up multiple times throughout the day, but when I lay down in bed I just can't fall asleep. My legs are a little achy, so that's part of the reason, but I think it's mostly due to anxiety/excitement.
  • I can't remember the last time I ran. I think I did 2 miles last week. I'm going to keep trying to run at least once a week but as long as I stay active walking, swimming, or strength training at home then I'm very happy!
  • I've started to get Braxton Hicks contractions - often. I think I've been having them since 14-16 weeks, but I didn't realize what they were until this past week. I told Travis when I first started feeling them I thought it was baby flipping over and that it felt like going on a roller coaster (that 'stomach jumping up' feeling.) I loved it! I still love them. They happen 1-2x an hour now. My stomach will get all tingly and tight, often protruding out a bit, before going away in about a minute. They don't hurt at all, and I think they may be getting stronger thanks to the third trimester tea I've started drinking. I had one cup two days in a row early last week and since my Braxton Hicks came on so strongly after I haven't had any since. I talked to the OB today and he assured me I had nothing to worry about (as long as I didn't have any other pre-term labor signs), so I'll start drinking it every other day for a while before moving to daily.

Sometime soon I plan on doing a 'baby registry' post with everything we've purchased, or been gifted, for our son. I may also do a post on my birth plan. It's a super short plan, maybe 10 items total, and mostly centers around trying to have a low-intervention, medication free birth. Of course if something happens and my sons health is in danger then shoot me up with whatever you want and cut me the hell open!

If there's anything else pregnancy related you'd like to see me talk about on here just let me know in the comments!

Pregnant mamas - how are you feeling?

For those with kids, what postpartum items did you find absolutely essential? (I already plan on making padsicles around the 35 week mark!)