30 Day Happiness Challenge

Last weekend I watched the documentary Happy and immediately knew I wanted to put some of the principles they discussed into practice in my everyday  life. When I asked if anyone would like to join me I received an overwhelming response! Looks like I'm not the only one who could use a bit of a kick start in life right now. So, after a week of researching ideas and reading the latest studies on how to find (and keep) happiness I came up with this simple, but tremendously effective, plan. 30 Day

30 day 1


How to get started with Meditation

Cultivating Loving Kindness

Printable script for Loving Kindness Meditation

Guided Video Meditation

30 day 1a

30 day 2

All of the details can be found in the Happiness Challenge workbook I created.

You'll also find 30 Daily Journals you can use to keep track of all of this and each one has a quote pertaining to happiness, gratitude or kindness.


At the end of the 30 Days you can plot your daily happiness levels on this Happy Tracker I made to see a (hopefully) increase in overall happiness!

Finally, I created a short video explaining everything (same information you see here and in the Happiness Challenge workbook.) Even if you don't want to watch the whole video you have to skip to the 5:45 mark to watch my cat freak out and start attacking me. Seriously.


Leave a comment and let me know if you're joining me in my Challenge!