37 Week Bumpdate + Weekend Photos


Friday afternoon Travis and I drove to Florida so I could get a copy of my cars title. Somehow, over 7 years and 5 moves, I lost it so in order to ship it to Alaska next week we had to head to the nearest Florida county tax collectors office. Thankfully, it was only a 45 minute drive and it took us through tiny backwoods Alabama towns we hadn't seen before. I'm really going to miss living in the South!Weekend

On Saturday I woke up and did 50 squats and walked a 5k (with almost 600 feet in elevation gained.) I had woken up around 4 a.m. thanks to my nightly carpal tunnel pain so I was able to get out early before it was too hot. I was back, showered, and ready for a nap by 8 a.m..

That afternoon the pet kennels we ordered arrived. Instead of using the small cat carriers we already had we looked into getting the biggest cages we could find that would fit in Travis's backseat. The cats have loved hanging out in them! The one Smokey is in will be used for Salem, and the bigger one on the right will be used for Rudy and Smokey. Our hope is that they will be able to calm each other down (Rudy will likely howl the entire 10 days.) Poor fatty Salem doesn't get along with anyone so he will be by himself.

Travis plans to drive for about 8 hours a day, stopping once in the middle for a 30 minute break to let them out to use the liter box that will be on the floor of the backseat. Every night he will have to take them up individually in a small cat carrier. I certainly don't envy what Travis will have to go through on this trip, despite how gorgeous it will be driving up through Canada and Alaska.IMG_9702

Salem being a stud.IMG_9690

Today I hit 37 weeks! I figured I should start doing weekly updates versus the monthly I've been doing since little man could be here any day now. Aside from the carpal tunnel and fatigue I felt pretty good last week. I've got my doctors appointment today so I'll find out if I've made any progress. Last week she checked me for the first time since I was having so much cramping and low back pain, and I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced (effaced = how thin your cervix is; 100% is the most.)

I had a group B strep test done at 34 weeks since I had been in labor & delivery for preterm contractions and the test came back negative. She will be repeating it tomorrow and I'll probably have her go ahead and check my dilation again. I know it doesn't mean anything - I could be 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced for weeks - but it still excites me that something is going on and my body is getting ready for D-Day!IMG_9674

Compared to 36 weeks (on the left) I'm finally starting to see the 'dropping' that everyone keeps telling me they see. Babies can drop weeks before labor, or while in labor, so it's also not indicative that anything will happen soon. It is MUCH easier to breathe compared to the early 30 weeks, and my heartburn has been better for the most part. August13Total weight gain now is 33.5 lbs, same as last week. I've read it's not uncommon for weight gain to stall, or even reverse, in the last few weeks. My appetite has definitely decreased. I'm eating all the time, but I rarely have real 'meals' anymore, mostly just constant snacking!

Rings still can't fit and I had my first sobbing "I feel so fat" meltdown last week. In general I've been extremely happy with how my body has adjusted to pregnancy. Before getting pregnant I had visions of myself gorging on everything I could get my hands on. I certainly haven't been eating clean, but I've done alright. I've stayed active more than I thought I could this far into the pregnancy, and overall I've been in a pretty good mood (minus some epic mood swings/meltdowns that usually happen in the middle of Walmart.)

I have no idea what triggered last weeks episode but I was sobbing uncontrollably in the bedroom when Travis came in to find out what the heck had happened. All I remember is trying to explain to him, while blowing my nose and creating a huge pile of tissues next to me, that my fat feet couldn't fit into my shoes anymore, I was tired of wearing the same 3-4 maternity outfits, and I just felt gross for the first time this pregnancy. Of course he said a lot of rational things to me like, "well you are growing a baby" and "you've only got 3 weeks left to go" but I didn't care to hear that nonsense.

Thankfully, it passed, and I'm back to feeling pretty good and proud of myself for doing what I can to stay healthy this pregnancy! Got to love hormonal mood swings.

How was your weekend? Have you traveled much with pets? How did it go?