38 Week Pregnancy Update and Weekend Photos


I can now count the time I have left in this pregnancy in days, instead of weeks or months.I'm excited beyond words to meet our son, and I'm totally freaking out about becoming a Mom.

It's not anything in particular I'm worried about, but just the anxiety of not knowing what my life is going to be like in a few weeks. Knowing that for the rest of my life one of my primary roles will always be that of Mother. It's so surreal. IMG_9810

I feel pretty much the same as I did at 37 weeks; horrible carpal tunnel, some heartburn, some anxiousness/irritability, and zero energy. Total weight gain is at 36.5 lbs. The new symptoms this week were feet swelling and lightening crotch. Yes, that's a thing.

My 38 week appointment is today and I'm hoping I've made some more progress from last week. I asked my OB if there was any proven way to help progress dilation and she said no. I was actually kind of relieved to hear that. When I check in on the babycenter boards it seems most of them are downing quarts of red raspberry leaf tea a day, taking evening primrose oil, eating pineapple, walking daily, and doing like 300 squats a day all in hopes that they will go into labor sooner (or have a quicker labor.) I've done ... nothing.

So, my goal for the next 2-3 weeks is to just keep as busy as I can so I don't start obsessing over every possible "is this labor starting!?" symptom. Our house is pretty much ready for the movers to pack us up, I've got lots of cross-stitch projects I can work on, and I'm hoping to get a few posts pre-written to go up in the days after the baby arrives.

Now let's see if I have the energy to make any of that actually happen!

This weekend Travis and I headed into Dothan to do a bit of shopping. We swung by Michaels and I had to pick up this adorable Spooky Town piece. Every year I'll get one of the big pieces to add to my collection. Love Michaels 40% off coupons! The Fall candles I ordered from Bath &  Body Works arrived that day as well so of course I had to burn one immediately. IMG_9776

That night we went out to one of our favorite places to eat; Cheeburger, Cheeburger. It's going to be weird living in Alaska where there are ZERO chain restaurants. They have a few fast food places, but no chains. I think we may need to make a few more trips to Chiplote in Destin, Florida when we move in with my parents next month!CB

Sunday morning I did the Speed 2.0 workout from T25 and followed it up with some upper body work. I love that they have the low intensity modifications available for all of the workouts, so I've been able to continue doing them without any issue. I only do T25 once a week or so, but it's great when I'm not really feeling like working out. I can convince myself to get going since it's only 25 minutes. T25Baby boy is currently moving and kicking all over the place. I cannot imagine what it will feel like to not be pregnant anymore. As challenging as it can be sometimes I think I'm going to feel very empty not having him squirming around and hanging out with me 24/7. As cozy as it feels to have him with me, I'd be totally fine ending this phase of our relationship and having him in my arms now instead!

Hear that little man? Cough, cough, hint, hint. Any day now ...

How was your weekend? Does it feel like Fall yet to you?