39 Week Pregnancy Update + Weekend Fun


I'm entering into my last week of pregnancy! (Hopefully.) I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. I found out I was pregnant a few days before Christmas, and while everyone said the last weeks crawl by I feel like they can't go by slow enough. I've been staying very busy between trying to get blog work done, preparing for our move to Florida in two weeks, and our move to Alaska in six weeks. My energy over the last week was better than weeks 37 or 38. I think my body has finally adjusted to the lack of sleep. IMG_9954No new symptoms. Same ol' carpal tunnel, swollen feet, minor heartburn and fatigue. I'm definitely getting more nervous about going through labor, transitioning into my new role of Mom, and being a family of three. I'm confident everything will go well, but it's going to be chaotic going through all these big life changes while moving from state to state! I'm just bummed Travis won't be around for very long before he leaves and will miss out on these precious newborn days. I know so many other military families have it worse, and their husbands miss the birth and many months of the childs first year, so I'm trying to keep that in perspective.

On Saturday we headed to All About Art in Enterprise, Alabama. It's a paint-your-own-pottery shop that I've been wanting to go to for months. Travis and I were both out of our blow money for the month so we used one of the date night cards I gave him for Christmas. Spent the afternoon at a pottery studio making things for our sons bedroom! #art #pottery #paint #diy #saturday #happy #38weeks #studio #create #creative #design

Neither of us had a specific project in mind, but after looking around at what the shop had to offer we both decided to make things that we could put in the babies room. Everything goes along with our woodland adventure theme, and I picked out this owl bank. WeekendPhoto6Travis painted this adorable frog and fox duo. I can't wait to pick them up this week after they have been fired to see the finish product!


I walked a 5k on Saturday and Sunday. Trying to give little man the hint to go with gravity and drop out already. On Sunday I was up at 4 a.m. so I headed out for my walk much earlier than usual and ran into all these gorgeous spiderwebs.


It was also very foggy out which made for some beautifully spooky photos!


Finally, a package arrived Saturday that I was SO excited for ... my new planner! I started looking into planners last week, and fell in love with some of the higher priced ($50+) ones but just could not justify the money. I stumbled upon this one that was only $15, but it was sold out everywhere. I had become totally fixated on getting one of these things, and lamented to my Mom how sad I was that I couldn't find one in town. My sweet parents went out and found one in their city and mailed it to me. Best parents ever. I've been having fun decorating it every since! I'll post more about it this week.PlannerWe are headed out to my 39 week appointment this morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the membrane sweep last week, and lots of walking, has helped progress me further. I know babe will come when he's ready, but I'm hoping he gets here early enough to enjoy some time with his Dad before he leaves!

How was your weekend? Do you use a planner?