5 mile run + Salem photoshoot

After all the great advice left for me on my 'Questions for Runners' post I decided to do a longer, slower, and more even paced run yesterday. Many of you said my problems with breathing could be rectified with doing the extremely obvious - slowing down! So, Matt and I headed out at 6 a.m. with no thoughts as to how far or how long we'd run. We just wanted to run and enjoy ourselves. Salem wanted to join but passed to stay in and take a nap instead. Lazy.

A few miles into our jog I checked the time just to see when we needed to head back. I saw we were dangerous close to breaking 5 miles in under an hour we got a second wind and tried to bust it out in the end. We came so close!

I'm so proud of us! We were beat once we got home but I managed to convince Matt to do some push-up's with me. I got to 10 and had to drop to my knees for a few. I'm absolutely determined to meet my goal of 15 for the month! After the run it was a mad dash to get ready and out the door to work and I didn't realize until I got to my office that I was famished. I devoured my protein bar and killed the giant thermos of water I brought. As soon as I was done lecturing I filled up the thermos at the water fountain and drank it all before I got home. I've had a headache all day and I'm 100% certain it's due to dehydration. I need to drink significantly more water right before and after my runs if I'm going to be out there for almost an hour. I also eat breakfast before I work out in the mornings but I'm thinking about changing that since I keep reading how important it is to refuel/feed your muscles after a workout.

I'm mid-way through my week of wearing glasses and I'm actually starting to really enjoy it! I may take a full day or two off from contacts a week now to give my peepers a rest.

I pulled the camera out yesterday afternoon when I saw Salem being all adorable-like in gorgeous natural lighting! He's been acting like a stinker for a few days but I think I realized when why I got up in the middle of the night Monday and saw giant hairball piles on the living room floor. Poor guy must have been all stopped up and uncomfortable from them - he seems to be more perky today and back to his crazy self.