5 Things I'm Doing While Pregnant that I'm Not Supposed To

Some E Cards 1. Eating Feta

Pregnant women are advised to avoid all soft cheeses including Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, Gorgonzola and Mexican style cheeses like queso blanco and queso fresco unless they specifically say they have been pasteurized. I've been eating feta on Greek salads regularly (last week I had one every day for lunch!) I didn't even think to check to see if it was pasteurized. Thankfully, it is! I should have checked before today but honestly ... feta.

2. Eating raw eggs

Okay, so I'm not drinking them by the glass full like Rocky but if I'm baking something that has raw eggs in it I still lick the bowl clean. Brownies, cornbread (I love cornbread batter), muffins, cookie dough. If eating raw cookie dough is wrong than I don't want to be right.

3. Exercising with a heart rate over 140

If you google 'exercising while pregnant' you'll get 1,025 different opinions on whether or not you should, what types of exercises are 'safe', and at what intensity you should workout. With my first pregnancy I ran at a normal intensity and normal mileage. That meant 40-50 miles a week (I was marathon training at the time) and most runs had my HR in the 170's. Since that pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage I'm so much more cautious this time around. I still run, walk or hike for cardio and lift weights/do barre at home, but I keep my heart rate under 160. I chose 160 because it's the limit for doing low HR training which I've always been interested in and figured now what the perfect time to try.

Regardless of what you decide to do in terms of working out while pregnant you'll hear opposition to it. I told one friend I was running while pregnant but keeping my HR under 160 and she acted like I was an idiot for thinking I had to even watch my HR. I told another friend I was running while pregnant and she acted like I was an idiot for endangering my child and shouldn't run at all. I've quickly realized everyone will have an opinion on your pregnancy (and I'm sure parenting!) and you just have to do what's right for you.

4. Using Salicylic acid face wash

Before becoming pregnant I was already using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, burts bees body wash and lotion, and all natural cleaning products. One decidedly un-green product I adore is Neutrogenas oil free acne wash redness relieving cream cleanser. Quite the long title but an amazing product. I had horrible skin until my early 20's when it finally started to calm down. I still get really red around my nose, chin and cheeks and this face wash noticeably reduces that for me. It also helps keep breakouts at bay (even while pregnant!) but it does so by using salicylic acid which is commonly said to be bad for pregnant women. Thing is, it's only been shown to cause problems when administered in HIGH doses in ORAL form. So, as long as I don't start doing shots of it before bedtime I think I'm safe to continue using it.

5. Eating Soy Products

This is something I've already been asked about a few times. Soy contains isoflavones that mimic estrogen in the body. So, if you eat a TON of it one might assume all this increased 'fake estrogen' could be bad for anyone, especially pregnant women. There are compelling arguments on both sides of the issue but my take on it is this. Soybeans have been around for thousands of years, some cultures eat a lot of soy in their diets and their babies are fine, and consuming 1-2 servings of soy a day should be fine. I've been limiting myself to one serving a day and I don't see anything wrong with eating it still. I do try to avoid all GMO soy and if you eat fermented soy (like tempeh) you don't have to worry about the isoflavones at all.

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Am I a horrible mother already?

What pregnancy rule did you break?