500 Calorie Interval Workout {Zero Equipment Needed!}


I've done this workout a few times now and every time I burn about 500 calories! Your calorie count will differ depending on your weight, fitness level, and how hard you push yourself. If you have a heart rate monitor I'd encourage you to wear it and let me know what your total calorie count is. Nothing more motivating than hitting that 500 mark!

For this workout I recommend warming up and cooling down by walking 1/2 a mile each. This is especially important if you are pregnant. I've learned that I really have to ease into workouts more now than pre-pregnancy. 500 calorie interval track workout updatedI love this workout because (1) it requires ZERO equipment, (2) you don't have to have a track to do it, and (3) it's so simple!

Start out with a 400 meter run. That's one lap around a track, or about 2:30 of running or 4 minutes of walking. Push yourself!

After your run stop and do 10 squats, 20 lunges and 10 push-ups or tricep dips. Repeat 7 more times (total of 8, or 2 miles.)

For squats I prefer doing sumo squats now that I'm almost in my third trimester. Gives my belly a bit more room!

For the lunges be sure your front knee is lined up over your ankle, and your head, shoulders and torso are lined up over your back knee. I like to do 10 walking lunges out, and 10 back, trying to get my back knee as close as possible to the ground (feel the burn!)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


For the upper body work you can absolutely do it on the ground, but if there is a bench or table nearby I'd recommend that! I alternate between doing tricep dips and push-ups. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


There you have it! With the warm-up and cool down this workout takes me about an hour. If you are pregnant please make sure you talk to your doctor about exercising before you start any program. Stay hydrated (I have to drink about 2x as much as normal now) and stop the moment you get lightheaded, dizzy, short of breath, or any pains/cramps in your stomach.

It's been really hard for me to not be able to run as much as I used to. I love this workout because I can definitely run 1/4 of a mile at a time still, so it makes me feel like a total winner by being able to complete such a challenging run-focused workout still.

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