6 Month Postpartum Weight Loss and Fitness Update


After having my son I wasn't sure how often I'd talk about postpartum weight loss. Given he turns 6 months old this Sunday, and this is the first official postpartum weight loss post I've done, it turns out I didn't feel like talking about it too often! I definitely wanted to lose the pregnancy weight at some point, but I didn't (and still don't) stress about getting back down to a specific number. More than anything I just wanted to feel like myself again. My starting weight was 120, I gained 37 pounds while pregnant, and have been back to 125 for about 5 weeks now. I started walking regularly about two weeks postpartum (I worked out 5 days a week up until the day before I went into labor) and doing body weight exercises/very light jogging 4-6 weeks postpartum.

Between my lovely second degree tear, and general tiresome life with a newborn, I'd say it took about 3 months to feel 'normal' again (as in, somewhat rested and not sore.) By 5 months postpartum I felt like my body was back into as good as shape as I was pre-baby. 6 months postpartumWhile I feel like my old self, in terms of energy and general fitness ability, there is one area that is definitely not the same. My stomach still has a bit of excess fat which is part of the reason why I started carb cycling two weeks ago (carb cycling is amazing for fat loss.) I also felt like I had been doing the same workouts and eating the same meals and had leveled off with my weight loss.

As you can see I lost 28 pounds in the first three months (without doing much to lose it) and then it took me about two months to lose the last 5 pounds. postpartum weight loss I know the number on a scale is FAR from the best indicator of overall health and fitness so I'm really not fixating on that, but I know I could still be in better shape in terms of strength and cardio endurance. My diet had been slowly getting worse and worse (more processed carbs and sugary treats) so I decided to commit to carb cycling for 6 weeks to see if that would be the catalyst to getting my body to the next level. So far my energy levels have improved, my pants are looser and I have been eating much more wholesome, nourishing foods.

Given how Type A I can be I'm glad I gave myself quite a bit of grace when it came to losing the baby weight. Between adjusting to motherhood, moving from Alabama to Florida to Alaska before he turned 6 weeks old, and trying to maintain working 20+ hours a week from home I certainly didn't need another element to stress out about.

As a new mom I know how hard it can be to find the time and energy to workout. My son was waking up about 3x a night to nurse up until this week (I don't know what's happened but he's suddenly only waking up once now!) I'm lucky that he seems to really enjoy playing in his Pack N Play in our office/gym while I workout so I'll usually get at least 30-45 minutes to workout while he is in there every morning. If you are a new mom trying to get back in shape the best advice I have it to make it a routine, so you and your baby can get used to it every day, and make it a priority. I workout the first chance I get every day so that nothing else comes up during the day to prevent me from doing so, and I always feel so much better after I do!

Moms, what is the biggest challenge you face with health and fitness now that you have kids?