A few of my favorite things



1. Cetaphil Oil Free SPF 30 Face Lotion. After having my first skin cancer screening done last year I've become super vigilant about using sunscreen every time I go outside to run or workout. Since middle school I've struggled with my skin breaking out (yes, at almost 30 it still happens ... regularly) so I'm always apprehensive about using products on my face. My dermatologist gave me samples of this to try and I love it! I haven't broken out at all and it works pretty well, I just have to reapply it after about 30 minutes of sweating outside. Random sunscreen tip: don't forget the top of your back like I did last week!

2013-05-26 15.28.35

2. Giovanni Detox Face Mask. As some of you may have seen I love sharing ridiculously embarrassing photos of myself with this face mask on. I bought it about a year ago and use it 2-3 x's a month. It's main ingredients are activated charcoal, volcanic ash, acai berry & Gogi berry. The charcoal and ash are great for oily skin and the berries help brighten up your complexion.

3. Tea Tree Oil. I was SO apprehensive the first time I used this on my face because, hello, oil on oily skin sounds like a horrific combination. Out of desperation once I dipped a q-tip into the jar and dabbed some on a particularly bad break-out spot and within a day or so it was completely gone. This works best on the really bad, deep spots ... not just surface small ones.

4. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum. I read bloggers raving about this last year and it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. Again I hesitated because I thought a serum would make my skin feel greasy and oily - not so! It absorbs quickly and I use it under my regular lotion. I haven't been using it as regularly as I should but I do notice my skin starts to look more lively when I put it on daily. Hair1


1. Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo. When I first bought this I didn't realize it was for color treated hair. I saw it was volumnizing and with my ridiculously thick and long hair that's something that I struggle with. Lovely scent and it does help plump up my locks!

2. Loreal Ever Strong Conditioner. Same as above. Yummy smell + great results!

3. Johnsons Calming Baby Powder. My secret weapon in the summer. I'll use this as a dry shampoo since I only wash my hair every other day. I love to comb some through before I go running and it helps to absorb the sweat. I've been using the original scented kind but tried the calming lavender at my parents house this weekend and fell in love. Body1

Body1. Tom's Relaxing Body Wash. Can you tell I have a thing for lavender? I'm a huge proponent of aromatherapy and the scent of the lavender in this body wash does seem to help me de-stress. It's probably all in my head but that's fine by me!

2.Giovanni Grapefruit Lotion. Another Giovanni product. I like lotions that don't leave a weird feeling residue and I like how light this is. The grapefruit scent is also nice without being overbearing. 

3. Vitamin E Oil. My other secret weapon. I have horrific cuticles. They are constantly dry and gross looking and made worse by my constant messing with them. When I'm being a good girl I'll rub some vitamin E on them for a few days and they look virtually perfect. This also makes a wonderful lip balm and is incredible for preventing scars if you have any cuts that have just healed up.

What are your favorite products?