A New Year

Don't forget that my DietBet starts on Monday! 18 people have signed up with me to lose weight this New Year!


I hope you all had a fun (and safe!) New Years Eve! I am SO excited that 2013 has officially started. I haven't been posting much about resolutions and such because I'm more focused on living well and achieving goals year round - but I do love how motivated everyone is at the start of a new year to improve themselves. I've read many bloggers talk about having one word as their mantra for 2013. Amanda over at Run to the Finish has a good post explaining the rationale behind it. At first, I wasn't sure what my word would be. Then it hit me - open. I want to be open to experiences  ideas, and people. I want to be more open with myself, my emotions and what I want out of life. I've developed a bad habit of being a bit to closed off at times in the past and if there's one overarching theme I'd like to embrace for 2013 it is openness.

As for today - I am planning to spend it quietly at home resting up and reflecting on what is about to start in my life. I'm moving on Thursday, I've got a new job I'll start in a few weeks and I officially signed up for my first Half Marathon on January 26th, Destins Bayou, Bay and Back. I have about a dozen more I'd like to do (that you can see on the 2013 Bucket List Pinterest board I started) but I'll have to wait until next months budget to sign up for anything else! Unless, of course, someone would like to sponsor me :)

For those of you who are hoping to make a Fresh Start in 2013 please consider engaging in some of my favorite 'cleansing' past times! One physical, one mental and one for the home. What a perfect way to usher in the New Year!

- Cleansing Ritual Bath

- Meditate on New Years Resolution for Greater Success

- A Guide To Cleansing the Energy in Your Home

Do you have any New Years traditions? I'm sure my Mom is at home stinking up the house with sauerkraut right now ;)