Adjusting to Life as a New Mom with mamaRoo Baby Swing


I had absolutely no idea how hard it would be transitioning into the role of 'Mom.'

Growing up I wasn't around kids too often. I worked as a nanny in high school and for a childcare agency in Seaside, Florida. After that the next time I held a baby was my own. That's fifteen years without any interaction with an infant! Thankfully, the mamaRoo baby swing helped make the transition a little bit easier.

On top of having my first child we also moved from Florida to Alaska when my son was six weeks old. When we arrived in late October it was a few short weeks before we were experiencing 20 hours of darkness and a constant three feet of snow. I'd never driven in snow -- I think I maybe spent 5 days in snow in my entire life! I have never been more out of my element. I was scared to drive on my own (in my two door 2002 Saturn that survived the great Pensacola flood.) I was scared to even leave the house alone with the baby as he'd often cry when we went out in public, like babies do, and Travis was always better and soothing him.

So, I spent the first few months of my sons life experiencing near constant anxiety which was compounded by waking up 3-5x a night. I was a mess. It was so hard to go from doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, to revolving every minute of the day around someone else. Someone who couldn't tell me what was bothering them, wouldn't go to sleep without a lot of coaxing, and didn't like to be set down for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Of course there was much more good than bad, and I'll never forget how Travis and I would fight over who got to wake him up in the mornings as that was the only time he would smile (until about three months old then he started smiling all day!) No matter how hard the previous day was getting to see him look at me, and flash his little toothless smile, made everything worth it.

After a few months baby and I got into a nice groove. He would gradually let me sit him down for longer periods of time, so I was able to workout, clean the house, or take a hot shower (which is enough to turn any bad day around.)

One thing that was an absolute lifesaver was a swing. We didn't start using the mamaRoo baby swing until recently but it is going to be our most used piece of baby equipment for number two. IMG_2461

When I was pregnant I heard moms raving about the mamaRoo and wish I would have invested in one from the start. The mamaRoo has five unique motions that will mimic things like car rides, or being carried. The movement isn't jerky or unnatural like some of the other swings we've seen, but it's much more smooth and realistic like a baby just being carried around (which is what we had to do to get my son to sleep the first few months!)


It also comes with a few sounds, and since baby always sleeps with a loud air purifier on in his bedroom the fan sound is great when we used the mamaRoo downstairs. You can also connect any mp3 device directly to the mamaRoo. Our son had a favorite nursery songs cd we would play for him to help soothe him at night. IMG_2463

The mamaRoo is the only infant seat that replicates parent's natural motions. It doesn't vibrate or bounce like other swings which can actually stimulate babies too much. MamaRoo even has an app that will allow you to control the motion, speed, sound, and volume of the mamaRoo. It's worth every penny! IMG_2474

If you are expecting definitely put the mamaRoo baby swing on your registry! How was your adjustment to parenthood? 

What was your 'lifesaver' baby product?