Am I a Runner Yet?

If someone were to ask me point-blank if I was a runner I'd probably hesitate, then respond with "Kind of." I started running in March of this year. No RunKeeper, no handheld water bottle. Just going at it for 30 seconds at a time for as long as I could stand it. By May 26th I was getting a bit more serious about running regularly and my pace was just shy of 15 minutes per mile.

Fast forward to November and I'm disappointed with any 5k time over 30 minutes:

I've completed my first official race:

I started off my Thanksgiving Day with Sprints:

and set a Distance PR this week of 7 miles (with a 10 min mile pace!):

Yet, I still don't feel like I'm in the club.

It's ironic since all of the runners I have me thus far have been so supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental. So, what defines a runner anyways?

I don't have a Heart Rate monitor, but I use RunKeeper!

I don't wear fancy running shoes, but I've got snazzy padded socks!

I've never worn compression clothing, but I sometimes soak in bath salts after a long run!

I've had a similar thought to this as I was weaving in and out of 5 year old's at my first 5k:

And I've seen the look on friends faces who I'm sure thought this after I spent more than 2 minutes discussing sprint times and training plans:

So, am I a runner?

Do I get a membership card somewhere?

Am I the only one with a runners inferiority complex? How do you define being a runner?