A few years ago my Mom started getting really into genealogy. By 'really into' I mean it's not unusual for me to hear that she's stayed up until 3 a.m. working on I think it's awesome and I'm so glad she's preserving the memories of our family. She has stumbled across some truly incredible stories and I thought a post on the history of relationships that worked well enough to allow me to be here today would be a good counterbalance to the post I did on love this Tuesday! My parents met in middle school through their church youth group and began dating shortly there after. They were married at ages 19 and 21 and will be celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary this year!


My Mom's parents met in 1955 when my grandfather was in the Air Force stationed near Columbus, Ohio.  They were at the Ohio State Fair at the time and their first date was after the fair. They were married in 57 so they will be married 56 years this year!

August 1956 Dating YearsMy grandmother's parents, Victor and Violet, got married when she was 16. They snuck out of school one day, crossed the state line to elope, then came home and went back to their parent's houses as though nothing happened! I actually have her wedding ring and it is, by far, my most treasured physical possession. This is their wedding photo:

Victor and Violet Wedding Day   10-27-1932

Here is Violete as a baby with 4 generations of mom's! Her mother, standing behind her, met her husband on a streetcar in 1914. He was the conductor of the train.

4 Generations L to R Mary Conkle Bungard, Anna Nolt Shultz (standing), Violet Shultz Wolfe (baby) Lorena Bungard Nolt circa 1916

My grandfathers parents, Eugene and Leona, met at a a church dance (I'm thinking I should start hanging out at churches and fair's more often!)

Eugene and Leona

Leona's parents, Henry & Anna Honig, came from Germany and were married in 1903.  Henry was working at Wickes Boiler Factory in Saginaw when a smoke stack fell on him and killed him in 1922. He was 40 years old and they were married 19 years.

Henry and Anna Honig

Finally, Eugene's parents were William and Zepherine.   Eugene was a lumberjack and lived in this shack in Canada. He was married once before but his wife died within a year.

William Quesnelle

Just in case you were wondering, "does that baby have a mohawk?" Yes, he does. My family is so hardcore. When I asked Mom wtf was with the man's hair her response was "Don't hate on his hair.  He lived in a shack in Canada and was a lumberjack - ain't nobody got time for that!"

William Quesnelle-001

With such a history of luck in love it's only a matter of time before I get to add my picture to the list!

Do you know much about your ancestry?

How did your parents meet?