Another trip to the hospital + cat photos


For the last few years every Friday I'd do a 'Fitness Friday' post highlighting my workouts from the week, as well as random eats and photos. Well, after my trip to labor and delivery last Sunday I'm not supposed to workout for a while so I'm putting Fitness Friday's on hiatus! Without exercising I've been trying to make sure my diet is as healthy as possible. I've definitely enjoyed indulging in nachos and marshmallows this pregnancy, but I know that if I let all healthy habits go out the window the last 2 months before the baby is born it will just be that much harder to get back on track once he's here.

Wednesday night baby (not me) was craving sugar so we compromised and I made this strawberry banana shake with vanilla premier protein. So good! I think I may make it again tonight. Cweek

I made cauliflower and quinoa kugel on Monday and ate the entire dish in two days. I'm not eating vegetables as much as I normally did pre-pregnancy so I'm trying to make meals, like kugel, that incorporate vegetables in them. I also picked up some single serve broccoli and cheese bowls that are delicious, and some V8 healthy greens juice. I hadn't seen the juice before and figured it's not the best source of vegetables, but right now I'll take what I can get. It tasted better than I expected!

After the adventures in Labor & Delivery Sunday night I woke up on Monday with swelling in my left foot. It didn't hurt too bad during the day, but once I laid down at night it got significantly worse. When I woke up Tuesday I headed to an urgent care center. It was ridiculously hot out. Cweek1

After waiting for a while in the exam room (their computers crashed right as I got there) the Physicians Assistant came in and took a look at it. He couldn't determine the cause, and kept asking if I had injured it somehow. I assured him I'd been virtually chained to the couch since Sunday night so there's no way I injured it! He couldn't do an X-ray so he sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound just to rule out blood clots. Doctors

Thankfully, everything on the ultrasound looked great so they said to just rest, elevate it, and go to the ER if it gets any worse.

As for my contractions they are still coming regularly. By Monday afternoon they slowed down to about 2 an hour, but Thursday afternoon I went to a brief with Travis to get ready for our move and in the hour we were there I had 10! I'm drinking 100 ounces of water a day so I'm definitely hydrated, and I haven't worked out all week. At this point I really think they are just harmless Braxton Hicks contractions that aren't affecting my cervix at all. I have no pain, or other pre-term labor symptoms, and the contractions are very irregular.

I've got an appointment with my OB Monday so I think I'll get the green light to do light exercise; as in prenatal yoga and maybe 30 minutes of walking a day. I'd be thrilled with that! Once I get closer to full-term I'll try to amp it up just a little bit (maybe 2-3 miles of walking a day) just to get my body prepared for labor.

I had my weekly photoshoot with the cats. Salem just looked depressed in all of his photos. IMG_9192

Sweet Smokey refuses to slow down so he's a complete blur in 99% of the photos I have of him. I'm so happy this one turned out! He's such a sweet cat. I really think he and our son will be BFF's. IMG_9185

This is old man Rudy right before a big yawn ...IMG_9169

A very blurry photo of that yawn, but I wanted to show off his toothless mouth! He's got zero teeth up top and only the two big ones on the bottom. When Travis's Dad took care of his cats while he was deployed he had to have them removed due to some extreme dental issues.IMG_9171

Finally, I was tagged in the most bizarre Facebook post this week. I'm not even sure what the posters native language is, but the way it was translated had me cracking up. The photo came from a blog post I did years ago on self-esteem/body image and how there's always something you could be critical about regarding your body, so you may as well just get over it and love yourself!CWeek3This weekend Travis and I will be getting paperwork together to start this PCS (military speak for moving) thing. Alaska is considered an overseas move so there is so much to do. On top of the usual 312 steps we'd have to take we also have to basically re-do half of it once the baby is here, since his name will have to be added to everything in order for him to move with us. We've got to get the cats vaccinated, a health certificate for them within 30 days of leaving, Travis's travel plans made to drive with the Uhaul to Alaska, my flight plans made, physicals done to be screened for the Exceptional Family Member Program (which I may have to actually be enrolled in due to my thyroid disease), get the whole house packed, .... and we still haven't heard if he can delay his report date at all (his report date is 6 days after my due date.)

Fun, fun! One thing I am looking forward to is trying out 2 new recipes from this vegetarian postpartum freezer meals board I started on Pinterest. I'd love to have a few frozen meals ready to go when baby is here, so I want to try them out now to make sure they turn out well. I also have no idea when to make/freeze them since I feel like this baby could come at 36 weeks, or 41 weeks!

How was your week?  What are you up to this weekend?