Aromatherapy + TMJ

For the last few days I have been dealing with significant jaw pain due to TMJ. The best way to manage symptoms is to control stress levels which, when elevated, can cause you to grind your teeth all night and wake up with a jaw so painful it hurts to even talk. The irony of my TMJ flaring up this week is that I'm less stressed than I have been all summer now that I'm back to work! Aside from lots of advil and heat/ice on the area I've started using lavender essential oil to help keep me calm. Next to the lavender in the picture is Vitamin E I've been putting on my lips daily. I used it religiously after my reconstructive lip surgeries and it makes my lips feel like silk! The lavender does help relieve tension for a bit but I do have to reapply it to my pulse points often.

I have a decent collection of oils and I will do a post soon showing off the contents of my Holistic medicine cabinet. The voyeur in me just assumes others are as curious as I would be!

Another natural stress remedy I've been relying on this week is tea. As you can see I like tea, a lot. I am going to start drinking Kava again before bed as I've found that to have a pretty intense sedative effect in the past that should keep me from grinding my teeth. I'm also going to buy a mouth guard to wear at night - sexy!

I should also try rotating yoga into my workout routines more often. I did 80 minutes of Booty Barre this morning and felt like a champ after! I'm so excited for this weekend we have a lot of fun plans in store that I'm already looking forward to posting about. Item one on our agenda? Major beach time!