Baby Had Two Firsts this Weekend!


We had an incredibly low key weekend, but it was also full of a few fun firsts for our son. On Saturday we went out for our first walk. I'm trying to get babe used to being in a carrier since I plan to keep him in one when we fly to Alaska in two weeks. We have a Moby wrap which I just cannot get the hang of wrapping. I've watched a ton of videos, and tried it over and over, and it always ends up being way too loose! Travis likes the Baby Bjorn better and since I can put it on very quickly I think it will be easier to use on our 15 hour travel day.

He seems to tolerate it pretty well. We went on a 20 minute walk and he didn't cry once. He just sat there looking around and enjoying the fresh air. Two mosquitoes did come at him as soon as we walked outside which scared the crap out of me.

If you read my post yesterday you'd know we also spent some time this weekend celebrating Halloween! I'm so glad we will be up in Alaska in time to celebrate his first holiday as a family. I loooove this time of year and have quite a few Halloween outfits to dress him up in so that's pretty much all he'll be wearing the rest of the month. Halloween2


Can't handle the cuteness of that little hat.

My birthday is next weekend and I'm planning to take him to a pumpkin patch in town to get some cute photos. I also went on another walk/run. Over the course of a 5k Saturday I ran half of it (1.55 miles) in a mix of 1/2 and 1/4 intervals (plus .05 miles at the end to make it an even split between walking and running because I'm OCD like that.)

This week my goal is to run one mile without stopping, shower and get dressed every day, and get 20 hours of online test scoring in. It's sad how daunting all of those goals sound to me now.

What are your goals for this week?