Baby House Update

Well my due date (Labor Day) came, and went. I had an appointment yesterday at 4:15 p.m. to check on my progress. Zero change since my 38 week appointment despite two membrane sweeps since then. Bummed does not begin to cover it. I had another sweep done. She was 'very aggressive' with this one (I ended up two feet higher on the exam table than where I started and she said even Travis was grimacing watching.)

We also talked about induction. The military movers will be here on Monday and Travis has to be in the house with them the whole time. They will be here for three days, and then our housing clear out is Thursday morning. So, if we don't have the baby before then we risk me spontaneously going into labor and he wouldn't be able to be with me.

Our awesome doctor offered to come in on Saturday and do the induction then, so as of now we are planning to do that.

After the appointment we went and walked around Hobby Lobby for a bit, and then hit up Publix to grab some stuff for dinner. I ended up grabbing some m&m's and a bag of marshmallow to double fist on the way home. I'm so frustrated with myself as I really have been overdosing on sugar the last two weeks. I was just so freaking bummed. Over 40 weeks pregnantI still feel great as far as pregnancy symptoms go, but I'm starting to get so down on all the stress and chaos that's going to happen the moment baby arrives. I wish we had a cute nursery set up to bring him home to. As it stands my parents are going to come up on Saturday and stay in town until I'm discharged from the hospital and they'll take me home to Florida with them. Travis will join us Thursday afternoon, so he's already missing most of the babies first week. Then he will be in Florida with us for 9 days before he leaves for Alaska. We won't see him for a minimum of one month after that.

My parents have been amazing through all this and are going above and beyond to try and help make all these transitions as smooth as possible.

It still stinks.

I have no idea how I'll feel after labor. Especially nowย with my increase chance of needing a c-section thanks to the induction. I'm such a homebody all I want is to be able to bring my baby back to my house, and have all my things around, and recover in my home with my husband. I'm pouting.

When I think about how horrible the timing is for all this I can't help but imagine what our lives would be like had I not lost our first baby. My missed miscarriage and D&C happened last October. That baby would be 4 months old now and we'd probably make the drive up to Alaska with him instead of moving to Florida first.

Our one year anniversary is September 19th. My parents got us a hotel in Destin for the night after I mentioned we were going to go shopping at the outlet mall there for winter clothes instead of getting each other gifts. Now, with a one week old, I don't see that happening.

Pity, party of 1.

In the end I know that all that matters is that baby boy is born healthy. Of course that is my top priority, but I can't pretend that the other factors involved in the timing of this situation don't suck. I know wallowing around eating sugar isn't going to help. So, I felt sorry for myself for a little while and now I'm trying to get over it. Travis and I went for an hour walk when we got home last night, I trashed the rest of the marshmallows, and I'm looking forward to working on my blog coaching materials over the next few days.

Maybe baby boy will surprise us all and come on his own before Saturday..

You got 72 hours kid. Clocks ticking.