Baby Led Weaning (Plus Other Adventures)


Little man turned six months old yesterday and we had such a fun weekend with him! On Saturday we took him to a park that had a teeny tiny hill on it to slide down. When my Mom saw the photos I think she had a heart attack. I'm sitting on the top of the 'hill' now so you can see it wasn't much higher than 7-8 feet! There was another parent at the park playing on the playground who was laughing at us. IMG_7715

On Sunday we went out to eat at a local Asian place and were woefully underwhelmed. Travis enjoyed his meal, but mine was super bland, and what's worse is that we waited over thirty minutes to get out food! Multiple people who came in after us were served before we were, and with every passing minute the baby was getting more and more anxious. Thankfully he did great the hour we were there and neither of us had to get up and walk around with him (as we used to when we tried to go out to eat with him.)

Yesterday was my feast day (ate 2700 calories!) so I definitely enjoyed eating more than usual. I loaded up on some rice and tofu at the restaurant, and had some fried banana. IMG_7752

When we got home I prepared sweet potato fries for babes first meal! I'm so proud for exclusively breastfeeding him for six months. It's been challenging at times, but we made it. Now, I'm looking forward to having fun introducing foods to him. Since he's older we are bypassing the baby food purees and taking more of a baby led weaning approach.

Basically we are letting him feed himself, so he can decide how much he wants to eat and learn how to 'chew' and swallow. Not only will it help foster a healthy relationship with food (versus being force fed) but it will help his fine motor skills since he's having to grasp the food, and bring it to his mouth. IMG_7754

We gave him four of these wedges and he probably ate two of them. He made quite a mess smashing them in his hands and playing with them on his table. Sensory play + dinner time all in one!

The cats have been extra cute lately. I miss Salem like crazy. He was such an .... asshole, that the other two cats are starting to come to me more and cuddle. It's sweet, but I still miss fearing Salem attacking me when I laugh too hard or cry. IMG_7738


Last night we watched a documentary on Netflix on the Barkley marathons. It definitely inspired me to want to run the marathon, or ultra, up here! It's every September, and I'd love to do the ultra (40 miles) before we leave Alaska. I don't think I'd have enough time to train for the one this year, but I definitely want to do the marathon. A lot of people up here actually walk it (have to keep a 2.5 mph pace) so I may plan to just run/walk it for fun. My parents will be in town that week for little mans first birthday so we'd have someone to watch him for the day. I'm not 100% committed to the idea, but just looking into training plans is exciting!

How was your weekend? What's the next race on your schedule?