Baby Led Workout! + Ovia Baby Monitor Review


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

As we embark on baby led weaning in a few weeks (not weaning off of breastfeeding, but just introducing solid foods) I thought it would be fun to put together a baby led workout. I also want to show off the most amazing baby monitor that has literally changed my life in the past week.


Sleep is definitely one of the most talked about subjects between new parents. It's one of the first things people ask about when they ask us about the baby. We've lucked out and for the most part he has been a good sleeper usually going down between 7-8 and waking up 1-3x to eat before waking up around 7.

Our biggest sleep hurdle is transitioning him from being swaddled and nursed to sleep before being put in to rock n play next to our bed, to sleeping unswaddled in a crib. Up until last week we didn't have a baby monitor as I would nurse him to sleep downstairs and then we'd just carry him up in the rock n play when I would go to bed.

So, we wouldn't turn the lights on, tv up very loud, or even talk much for fear of waking him. Anytime one of the cats would start crying we'd jump up to stop them before they woke the baby.

Our system was not working. I should be able to relax and have some time to myself after he goes to sleep! Once I installed the Ovia baby monitor system my whole world changed.

baby monitor

The Ovia Baby Monitor has so many amazing features. First, it was ridiculously easy to set up. Just plug it in and turn it on. That's it. I love how crisp and clear the image is, even when it's pitch dark in the room. I can tilt the camera up and down, and side to side, from the monitor. I could even talk to baby via a built in microphone. Plus, it's a very safe connection. Levana baby monitors transmit all video and audio data on small, private and local networks.

For the past week I've been nursing him to sleep in our room, and then leaving him upstairs to sleep while I get to work, relax and catch up on cleaning downstairs. He fell asleep in his swing while I was getting ready one afternoon and I just moved the monitor in there and had an entire hour to myself! He usually only naps laying on me after nursing. It's insane how good an hour alone feels like.

Sleeping Baby

I posted this short video to Instagram showing off his nursery and the monitor. His room is so fun to hang out in!

In the spirit of being able to do more thanks to having time to myself I wanted to create a mini workout that you can do with your baby. There are some days that I either don't have the time and energy for a workout, or baby just doesn't want me to put him down long enough to squeeze one in. This solves both of those problems! All you need is five minutes and one adorable plump baby.

Baby Led Workout

I know I have a few baby mamas that follow me on here so try the workout and let me know what you think!

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If you are interested in buying the Ovia monitor, now is a great time as it's on sale for $149.99 ($75 off!) Just follow the Buy Now button below.

Buy nowYou can also enter to win one! I honestly cannot image a better monitor. Had I not received this one for review I 100% would have been satisfied with it had we purchased it ourselves.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.