Babymoon Trip to Falling Waters and Ponce de Leon Springs in Florida


Travis had Monday and Tuesday off this week so we decided to take a day to go do something fun as a mini-babymoon. A babymoon is a newish trend where couples go take 'one last hurrah' vacation before the newborn comes. I felt very ambivalent toward it. Of course if we had unlimited time and money we'd take vacations all the time, but since we don't live in a fantasy world there wasn't going to be any grand vacations in our future! Same goes with a push present. It's a gift the guy is supposed to give the woman shortly before, during, or after birth. I told Travis if he wanted to get me anything that I'd love Seinfeld on DVD. It's one of my favorite shows and you can't watch it online anywhere. The next day hulu announced the entire series is coming this summer. So, the universe got me a push present!

We headed out early Tuesday to hit up Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida. It was about an hour drive and took us through all sorts of teeny tiny backwoods towns that I love. IMG_8663There were a few very short trails there that winded around some huge sinkholes. One trail took us to the largest waterfall in Florida! It was only about 75 feet long, but hey ... we take what we can get.ย IMG_8664Cheesy selfie.Falling WatersThe park had THE most bizarre sign I'd ever seen while hiking.IMG_8666

And another one which said we weren't allowed to molest the alligators.IMG_8667

Which Travis promptly ignored (he's trying to look super pervy here in hopes an alligator will come along.)IMG_8669

We finished all the trails in about an hour and were both pretty unimpressed with the park. It was just so tiny! Seeing the waterfall was cool, but I had really hoped to spend an entire day outside together. I got on my phone and searched for nearby things we could do. I saw that Ponce de Leon Springs was less than 30 minutes away so we decided to head over there after eating a mini picnic lunch.

I had actually been to both of these parks as a kid but didn't really remember it. I vaguely remembered the Springs. This was a ย really popular spot to go to in high school as well. The water stays 68 degrees year round so it's amazing to swim in during the 100 degree Summer! IMG_8670

We both wore bathing suits with the idea we'd swim somewhere but as soon as we got to the Spring we saw a big snake slithering around on the side of it. Nope. I'm good. There were also big fish everywhere, but they were pretty cute so we just dipped our feet in the spring and hung out with them for a while. Travis started feeding them some of our Annies white cheddar goldfish and they loved it.IMG_8677At one point we had about 20 fish circling our feet and I started to notice some others hanging out about 15-20 feet away. One was obviously a different species, staying low to the bottom and very long and skinny. As Travis threw a bit of food into the water the fish all came to snatch it and the long skinny fish darted up and bit one of the smaller fish and ran off with it! Poor fishy left a trail of blood as it left. I was traumatized!

With our time here dwindling away we are slowly trying to cross things off our Alabama/Florida bucket list. I'd still like to visit Marianna Caverns before we go. We were also supposed to go to Disney with his family in August but it's so close to my due date we will have to pass (and I'm so freaking bummed about it!)

What was the last day trip you took?