Friday Favorites: My First Postpartum Long Run and a Riverboat Ride


Yesterday I set out early to tackle my first official postpartum long run. I'd run six miles a few times before so I hoped to hit eight. I didn't have any time goal as I truly believe long runs are best done at whatever pace feels easy. Depending on a lot of factors my 'easy' pace can range anywhere from 10:30 to 12:30 and up. My legs were a little tired after my workout on Wednesday (I did the workout I assigned my clients and man -- I'm a tough trainer!) and I'm struggling with figuring out how to carry my phone and water. I used to be able to fit my phone in my handheld CamelBak but now that I have a 6+ it no longer fits. Does anyone use a flipbelt for their phones?

So, with tired legs and no water I set out and happily finished 8 miles with an 11:30 pace. I was tired at the end, but still felt I could have ran a little faster, and a little further, so I'm pretty optimistic about running a strong half in a few months.

Yesterday afternoon my parents and I took the baby out for his first boat ride on the Riverboat Discovery tour. It's a 3 hour tour that is one of the highest rated attractions in Fairbanks. With my parents leaving today I thought it was a nice thing to do on their last full day in town.

The tour started off with a bush plane taking off from the water right next to us. I still can't get over how blue the sky is here. IMG_0597


We then stopped at Susan Butcher's dog kennels. She was a badass Iditarod musher who passed away 10 years ago. Her husband has taken over giving tours of the kennels. The boat just pulled up along side the kennels and he talked about how they train the dogs and hooked some of them up to pull him on a 4x4 (that's how they train them in the Summer.) IMG_0632

Further down the river we got off the boat to tour a replica native village. IMG_0642

Little man made some new friends!IMG_0645 - Copy (2) I freaking loved the outfit my son was wearing yesterday. IMG_0659

The narrator of the cruise was JR Lewis, a local news anchor. Mom was holding baby as he drank a bottle and I was kneeling in front of them when JR sneaked up behind me and started pinching baby's thighs. JR was a hilarious tour narrator and as we got off the boat I asked him if he'd hold baby for a photo. Travis and I watch him all the time and since Travis was at work while we were on the boat I knew he'd die when I sent him a photo of JR holding him.

Today we are going out to eat for lunch and maybe running on post to do a 'build a moose' stuffed animal (like 'build a bear.') The temperature is supposed to get up to 80 today which I am not a fan of. Our house, like most in Alaska, does not have air conditioning. Not cute.

What are you doing this weekend?

Any tips for staying cool without AC?