Batman and Bicycles

Yesterday Matt played hookey from work. He has only taken a day off for business/travel purposes since I've known him and it's been hard this summer with me teaching night classes to spend a lot of time together, so we decided it would be nice if he could take the day off and we'd have a mini-staycation.

We started the day with an hour of tennis and a 1.5 mile run - I don't know what inspired us to do both but we are both feeling it today!

Next up - the Beach!

The water was perfectly clear and a beautiful shade of turquoise. There was a sand bar about 20 feet out that we went and played on for a while. Matt saw a helicopter pass over us and immediately did what any 12 year old boy would do - pretend to call for help.

After the beach we caught an afternoon showing of The Dark Knight Rises. We both thought it wasn't as good as the second Batman but I *loved* Anne Hathaway in it.

When I got back from class last night we went on a short bike ride. It's the first one we've been on together since my bike accident in May. Thankfully, no injuries this time!

We biked by one of our favorite houses - their fence is so cute!

I'm off to spend the day grading 50 exams/papers, cleaning the house & working on finding some new recipes for this weekend to try. TGIF!