Big News & Bigger News

Yesterday was truly epic! I woke up and had that "I'm going to kill it" feeling about my workout. The last 2 weeks I haven't had as much energy for exercise as I normally do. It's strange since I love it so much but I can only assume the stress from end of term is making it difficult for me to muster up the energy for doing anything, even things I really enjoy! It was my 5k day and I started with 20 minutes of ab work first (Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack - gotta love it!) then went straight out for a run. I finished my first mile in 8:24 which is way better than my normal 9:45-10 min pace. I've been doing sprints once a week and that's helped me significantly with my speed. I've also been doing the long runs on the weekend (up to 8 miles) which make doing 3 seem like a piece of cake. So, I had the mentality today of "I'm going to go until my legs give out because it's only 3.1 miles!"

My previous 5k PR that I ran shortly after my break-up in October (such good motivation!) was 28:41. Today I came in at exactly 28 minutes. It felt incredible.

I topped it off with heading straight back inside for my plank-a-day (which for me is about every 2-3 days) and added 20 seconds onto my prior PR.


 Now, for my Bigger News: