Birthday wishes and ice cream dreams

Does anyone else remember watching lifestyles of the rich and famous? That's like, pre-MTV cribs. I feel so old! This weekend flew by. Way more so than normal since Matt was out for a Bachelor Party Saturday night and we spent the day in Fort Walton on Sunday for my Mom's birthday. Matt and my Dad spent 4 hours replacing my rear breaks and changing my oil. I'm so spoiled!

On our way to the Fort we stopped by Publix so I could grab Mom some flowers and I wanted to grab two of my latest food obsessions for her to try

I don't think she's tried either yet but I'm hoping she likes them as much as I do! I found gorgeous Fall flowers that went perfectly with the Fall themed wrap job I did on her gifts.

Of course I totally forgot to take pictures of what we got her but my brother gave her an electronic picture frame since Mom just finished scanning in hundreds of old family photos for her obsession. Matt came up with the ingenious idea of getting her a set of flameless candles that she bought off of QVC during their 'Christmas in July' sale but later returned. We have a tradition of watching QVC together, getting absurdly wrapped up in the excitement of their Christmas goods, ordering stuff, then canceling it before it ships. Good times!

Can you tell which card was from me?

After presents Mom and I drove over to Panera to pick up a lunch we could eat at home. Matt was eyeballing their Halloween sugar cookies last time we were there so I grabbed him one as an excuse for me to eat half of it. Worked like a charm!

After lunch Mom and I headed to Kohls (snagged a popcorn popper!) and Dad, Matt and I went to Baskin Robbins to eat the heck out of some ice cream. Matt got a cup of their snickers ice cream that was so rich he couldn't finish the last tiny bite (I helped him out) and I went with Vanilla and m-n-m's (that Matt helped me finish). We have such a mutually beneficial relationship!

I've got some great posts to write up this week. I set up all my Halloween decorations this weekend, made the best lentil soup and will upload my video proof of meeting my September fitness goals.

October, you are always my favorite.