Blackwater Half Marathon Trail Race (+ Urgent Care Visit)


Immediately after finishing my first trail race this weekend I though, "well, there's no way in hell I'm doing that again." Yet, all Travis and I could talk about Monday was finding the next trail race to run as soon as possible.

I think the next time around will go much smoother because (1) I'll know what to expect and (2) I won't have a pie-related foot injury.

Friday afternoon I was working on my pie post that went up yesterday. It was going great! It took me about 2 hours to shoot the video, take and edit photos, and cook + clean up. After everything was finally done I picked up the chair I had been using to put the camera on and somehow let it slip right out of my hands and onto my bare foot. 2014-11-21 13.42.17

Directly onto my bare freaking foot. I took this photo about an hour after it happened. Don't let the small injury size fool you. I was in excruciating pain. I like to think that I have a very high pain tolerance (hello falling face first into a paved road and loosing 4 of my teeth) but this was unbearable. I tried to walk it off for a minute but I started getting extremely dizzy so I laid down on the kitchen floor. I wiggled my toes so I knew nothing was broken. I thought that I should try to get my foot in a bucket of ice ASAP to minimize swelling.

2014-11-21 15.41.15Every time I tried to get up I'd get so close to passing out I had to lay down again. I may have passed out to be honest I don't really remember. About 20 minutes later I was finally able to grab some ice, a bucket, and head to the bath tub to lay down.2014-11-21 15.44.31After icing it for 20 minutes it felt much better (because my foot was totally numb.) I continued to work on some blog stuff while I waited for Travis to pick me up so we could go get our race packets for Saturdays half marathon. Within an hour I realized the pain was getting worse and I turned to Dr. Google. The moment I saw the phrase "fractures in the foot left untreated can get worse over time and small pieces of bone can break off causing further damage" I realized I should take advantage of this newfangled health insurance I have and get my butt to urgent care.

Travis and I picked up the packet first (priorities people!) and headed to the not-so-urgent care. The doc was great. After my X-rays he came in with the results. He handed me the X-ray and said, with a dramatic pause, "Well, the results are in and you are ..... okay." I asked him if running on it the next day would make anything worse. He said no, but it certainly wouldn't make it feel any better..

That's all I needed to hear!2014-11-21 19.37.39The next day we were up at 5 a.m. to make the hour drive to Blackwater State Park. I have hiked here numerous occasions and was so excited to have the chance to run through the trails! While I've run around Westgate Park in Dothan with Travis a few times (including that one time I placed in my age group at a 5k) I haven't done any 'real' trails. I went into this race with no time expectations, especially considering how bad my foot was hurting, and just wanted to finish.2014-11-22 07.49.16

The night before the race a photo was posted of the race director standing in the stream that we had to run through twice. It was WAIST DEEP. I panicked. Running in wet clothes for 2 hours sounded miserable. Turns out it wasn't nearly as bad as I though, and was actually a lot of fun! Running felt like a complete adventure out there. The first and last 2 miles (it was the same trail with a 9 mile loop in the middle) were very technical. We ran through swampy areas, thick trees, and over multiple streams. My pace for those miles were almost 13 minutes because of how hard they were to maneuver. It was the best part of the race though! I was so happy Travis, who had run ahead of me, stopped at the stream around mile 1.5 to wait to see me cross. He snapped a few photos, gave me a kiss, and I didn't see him again until the finish line. (That's me out front in the purple jacket.)2014-11-22 08.22.03

2014-11-22 08.22.15-1

A few miles into the half I swore I'd never do a trail race again. I was hurting everywhere! I had to keep reminding myself that I just ran a marathon two weeks prior, had been dealing with a nagging hip/knee injury, and had a bum foot. I'm a big advocate of using mantras to help keep up motivation when running but I haven't had to rely on one in months. Well, around mile 6 anytime I caught myself thinking something negative I would think, "I don't HAVE to run, I GET to run."2014-11-22 09.33.50The course was absolutely gorgeous. There were a few very rough patches of sand which killed my ankles and running down these small rocks (you can hardly see them in the photo above but they are killer.) By the time I came out of the trail and saw the finish line I was elated. The course ran long so it was 13.6 miles before I got my medal and it was WELL deserved! The best part? Travis was waiting at the finish line and was the one to give me my medal. So sweet!

2014-11-22 10.44.44

2014-11-22 11.14.39They had an amazing post race BBQ set up. DIY Burgers (including veggie burgers!), cookies, sweet tea, chips, etc. Travis grabbed a burger and I stuffed a few cookies in my mouth. Overall the race was perfect except for the fact that they ran out of cups for water at the last aid station when I was there. Thankfully I always run with a water bottle but I would have been livid if I had to go the last 3 miles without anything to drink!

When we got home I was starving and I ate the craziest thing I've ever eaten post-race; HEALTHY SHIT. I was craving veggies burgers and green beans so I made up two patties and ate a whole can of green beans. I normally shove whatever carbs and sugar I can into my face and call it a day. The times, they are a changing.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in recovery mode; ice, rest, etc. My bruise didn't hurt too bad but I had a lot of swelling on the top of that foot around the ankle and big toe. Same thing happened after my first marathon. It's been a few days and I still can't bend my big toe down or up. It's gradually getting better though. If you've ever had this happen, or may know what caused it, help a sista out! 2014-11-23 17.11.56-1That night we made our usual post-race trip to Tijuana Flats to gorge on the worlds best queso. 2014-11-22 17.06.35As for our next trail race we are about 90% certain it will be a 50k in two weeks.

Yeah. Two weeks.

Let the carbing up begin!

Are you a fan of train running?

Have you ever dropped something on your foot and thought you may die?