I think I failed my {blood} test

About ten years ago I started getting some testing done on my Thyroid. I'm not sure what my symptoms at the time were, but my general practitioner referred me to an endocrinologist who administered an iodine thyroid test and did some blood work. He found that my thyroid levels were close to  those which would diagnose me with Hashimoto's disease. He advised that I have my levels checked annually to monitor and would start medication if they dropped into the diagnostic range.

Thanks to my lack of insurance it took me about 10 years to get around to that follow-up. Yes, I could have gone in before but (1) I hate needles (2) my symptoms seemed to improve with my healthier lifestyle and (3) I was a broke college student for about 8 years.

When the time came for my 100,000 mile lady parts tune-up I decided to go ahead and get the blood work done at the same time. Here I am in the waiting room looking way to excited.

2013-04-08 08.27.17I went to the ProClinic in Pensacola. I've mentioned them before and had a great experience the first time I went there. They are ridiculously friendly, very reasonably priced and there's never a wait.

After getting my vitals checked (low blood pressure as usual 87/58 but they said that was fine since I'm so active) I met with one of the nurse practitioners. She took her time with me listening to my history, current symptoms, and started discussing possible causes and routes of action. After deciding on what blood work to do she proceeded with the ever-fun pelvic exam. She was really excited to show off the disposable, light up, speculum.

2013-04-08 08.37.12

A few minutes later I was out of the wretched paper gown and taken to a different area to get my blood drawn. I was ridiculously nervous and started rambling to the woman who was going to take the blood and another medical assistant in the room. She started with my left arm and after TWO tries moved to the right arm. Want to know what I randomly exclaimed after she tried the first time?

"Ohhhhh John Stamos."

After destroying the vein in my right arm she told the nurse in the other room she wasn't going to be able to get blood from me today. Apparently, my veins rolled and I flinched once so that's why my arm now looks like I developed a nasty heroin addiction. I was shaking at this point but I asked if it was possible to try again because I knew I would not come back if it didn't work out this time. The nurse came out and stuck me herself and it took fine on the first try. With my nerves high and slightly dehydrated from the half-marathon the day before I held out for as long as I could while the vial was filling up before I told them I was going to pass out. They quickly finished, said I looked awful, and pulled up a trash can to put between my knees. I bent over with my head in that can to let the blood flow back to my brain for about 5 minutes. Not a happy camper.

2013-04-08 09.47.36

Now it's a waiting game. I had my thyroid levels and estrogen/progesterone levels checked. I should be seeing the nurse to go over the results on Thursday and time already feels like it's going in slow motion! I don't want there to be any serious problems with me, but part of me hopes something is found in the blood work that can justify the pain I went through and give me some understanding on the various medical issues I've experienced over the years.2013-04-08 10.19.54

Probably the best question she asked while she was giving me the exam: "Your not menopausal are you?" Uh....are you effing kidding me?

It would explain so much though. I've often felt like I'm a 60 year-old woman with my extreme love of cats and adversity to loud neighbors.

Anyone else have a traumatic blood work story?