Bob Harper's Pure Burn Super Strength DVD

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I have never done a Bob Harper workout until this week. I'm pretty picky about my at home personal trainers, with Jillian Michaels being my ultimate favorite. I'm always hesitant buying DVD's from new trainers as I'm not sure how well our personalities will 'mesh'. I have a few criteria for them:

- Do not act like a drill Sargent, that's just not what works to motivate me.

- Clearly and properly explain the correct form, but don't take forever doing it so my heart rate goes down.

- Kick my ass, in the most loving way possible.


Enter, Bob Harper's Pure Burn Super Strength

This workout contains 2 routines. A 20 minute beginners workout and an hour long intermediate/advanced routine. I've only done the long workout so that is what I'll be basing my opinion on.

My verdict: instantly one of the best home workout DVD's I've ever tried. My arms felt violated after I finished and I had to try not to weep. There is a brief warm-up and cool down but you spend virtually the entire hour doing some pretty serious strength training. I completed most of it using a set of 5 pound weights (I did go down to 3 pounds for a few moves). There are 35 different exercises and he goes through a few circuits performing each move twice.

I love his style of training. He went immediately from one move to the next, keeping your heart rate up, but never going so fast that I felt lost or didn't understand the exercise. Most of the hour is spent hammering the upper body, with a few core moves and squats/lunges thrown in. This is actually great for me as I woefully neglect my upper body when exercising. I honestly anticipate being more sore tomorrow from this workout then I have been in months.

The only criticism I have, and it is actually a slight positive, is the countdown timer that is displayed on the bottom of the screen. When the workout starts and I'm sitting there staring at 66 minutes left that is somewhat discouraging. Now, once it gets down to under 20 it becomes motivating but this is the first DVD I've used that does that.

Heart rate stayed around 120 for the entire workout! My resting HR is around 65 so that's a substantial increase for me. I burn about 300 calories when I do this workout. 

For the price on Amazon I can't think of a single reason not to recommend purchasing this. Use it when you need to kill your upper body and have a decent amount of time to work out.

I am absolutely going to get more of his DVD's. Which one's should I try next?