Butt Toning Walking Treadmill Workout

This butt toning treadmill workout was one of my favorite workouts to do while pregnant. I may have lost my abs but I did what I could to keep my booty and arms in great shape! This workout really focuses on lifting and defining the butt, and it's fun to do!butt toning treadmill workoutI have always loved walking, but since becoming pregnant I've found new ways to make walking workouts a bit more challenging. I tried ruck marching, and always prefer walking on hilly trails to flat surfaces as the incline really engages your core and lower body muscles. This workout mimics some of my favorite trail walks. It starts off flat, slowly increasing speed to 3.5 mph, and then gradually starts to incline. The peak of the workout is Phase 3 where you walk for 10 minutes at 5% incline. At 29 weeks pregnant I was able to do this workout fairly easily, but it certainly kept my heart rate up and I definitely felt it in the booty! Treadmill Workout

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The calorie count is based on a 150 lb woman, so the number of calories you burn will vary. If you find any part of the workout getting too challenging try dropping the speed first before lowering the incline. The incline is what really helps tone the butt and legs!

How often do you walk? What are you favorite treadmill workouts?