C9 Workout Apparel from Target

Give me the choice and I'd rather buy new workout clothes over 'regular' clothes any day. Or, don't give me the choice and I'll still probably do it.

I'm in workout clothes 75% of the waking part of the day. As such I'm pretty picky about what I wear to exercise in and it can be a challenge finding things that are (1) appropriate for my miniature height and (2) not ridiculously expensive. Enter: The c9 Premium Workout wear from Target.

A couple of months ago I treated myself to a new workout outfit from Target and have been so impressed with the quality of the clothes. The pullover top doesn't bunch up when I'm working out (such a pet peeve of mine) and it comes with a built-in sports bra so it's one less item I have to worry about finding in the morning.

{Top, $26, available online here}

To coordinate I purchased the c9 running pants in Gray. These hit me perfectly below the knees which I find the most comfortable length and they have a drawstring so they can adjust around the waist depending on what time of the month it is! I usually don't like drawstring pants because they tend to stretch out and lose their form after a while but these are just as well-fitting as they day I bought them!

{C9 Running Pants, $25, available online here}

I've tried virtually every other brand aside from the 'top of the line' workout clothes (Luluemon, Under Armour,...) and I will probably stick with these for a while. Eventually, I'd love to try some of the other brands but my teaching salary will keep me happily styled in C9 for a while!

I look so special here :)

If anyone has any other affordable workout attire suggestions please let me know!