Camping & Backpacking at Hurricane Lake

Weekend camping success! So many fun photos to share so I'll try to keep the yappity yap to a minimum. I ended up kicking the weekend off early Friday afternoon with a trip to the beach. I've been struggling with back/jaw pain since my SI issue and I felt like walking around in some fresh air would help release the tension. It totally worked!

#Life. Loving it.

2014-01-17 15.22.02

2014-01-17 15.25.47

Saturday morning le bf and I headed up to Blackwater to camp overnight and get some hiking in. I have a fantasy of completing a 100 mile backpack trip and we are going to start working on some practice runs with the perfect Spring weather coming up.

First, we had to swing by Walmart to grab some groceries and firewood for the weekend. There was a marching band a group of cheerleaders out front. Only in the South. 2014-01-18 11.34.53Firewood was surprisingly difficult to find but 3 stops later we had two bags from Lowes that ended up being to wet to catch fire.

Last stop was a quick run through Wendy's. I hadn't been in years and was skeptical that they would have anything that I could eat. I was pleasantly surprised to be proven otherwise with this bombass apple pecan salad. 2014-01-18 13.01.36We made it to camp early afternoon and I made my first of 27 trips to the bathroom. The moment your somewhere without easy access to a bathroom you have to go all the time. 2014-01-18 15.05.10That afternoon we hiked a few miles off the Wiregrass trail into some more residential areas with some questionable signage. Was this really necessary? 2014-01-18 15.40.47 This one was even better. Keep out? Tree said screw that.

2014-01-18 15.48.22We came back to the campsite in time to enjoy a chilly sunset by the water and start getting our fire ready for the evening. 2014-01-18 16.36.35We didn't realize the wood from Lowes was wet until he got it out to set up in the fire pit. He worked on getting that going and I decided to walk around and look for some wood we could burn as I feared the two bags we grabbed wouldn't be enough. Thankfully I ended up snagging a decent amount because what I found was the only wood that burned and we definitely needed a fire for dinner and warmth that night!

Bf made some delicious 'hobo dinners' (I think he called them fire bombs?) that consisted of wrapping food up in tinfoil and throwing it in the fire. Course one was various veggies, and course two was black bean morningstar burgers with potatoes and onions. Some of mine were a bit charred from the fire and it was so tasty! 2014-01-18 17.46.21That night was .... interesting. As we were turning in we heard two guys talking at the campsite across from us. Through their conversation we gathered that they had killed a deer and had brought it back to skin/chop up/do whatever gross stuff hunters do (which, btw, is against the rules of the campsite.) They had a little kid with them who couldn't have been more than 4 who was running around asking questions like, "Daddy, can I play with his tail?" and "Daddy, are you gonna cut his head off?" #Seriously

Sweet bf covered my ears when he heard them starting to skin it. I heard bits and pieces of it and just tried not to think about it. After I finally fell asleep we woke up at 3:30 a.m. to a pretty bad thunderstorm. His tent kept us dry so it was actually really cool to be able to hear the rain coming from a mile away, and feel the ground shake with each lightning strike!

I figured I'd wake up at the crack of dawn but ended up sleeping in until almost 7. I caught the tail end of the sunrise as I headed to the bathroom. 2014-01-19 07.16.44-1We had planned to cook up some scrambled eggs in the fire and throw in leftover veggies from last night, but our wood was soaked so I ended up having animal crackers for breakfast. So okay with that. 2014-01-19 07.25.40We hiked just over 8 miles that day. I wanted to take a specific trail into the woods a bit and turn around after 4-5 miles but we ended up turning around about 2 miles in and went to another part of the forest to a hike we had done before. The original trail was nearby a hunting area so we were hearing a lot of gunfire that made us both pretty uncomfortable. The deciding factor to head back came when we were walking through part of the trail that was surrounded by high brush on either side so we couldn't really see anything (something the bf has said at the start he wasn't a fan of) and we heard a very large animal running around us. We never saw it, but it was large enough to move small trees out of the way when it ran and we're pretty confident it was a bear. Yeah .... I ain't about that life.

After a day of hiking with minimal nourishment bf suggested something amazing and terrible - all you can eat pizza buffet at Cici's. I hadn't been in almost 10 years but I was down to party since I remembered their pizza being pretty epic. It lived up to all of my expectations and we both ate about 25% more food than we should have. Success! 2014-01-19 14.18.56This was my first round. I ended up going back for duplicate desserts + a slice of their apple pie pizza (which was delicious but paled in comparison to their cheesecake pizza!)

We came home and wanted to watch an episode of Twin Peaks (bf hasn't seen the show before and we've almost finished the series) but we ended up going into a dual carb/exhaustion coma. It was bliss.

How was your weekend?

Anyone else been to Cici's? Is all-you-can-eat ever a good idea?